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At first, I thought this was a river. The censors had darkened it. Then my eyes caught sight of the tide. This is clearly an ocean coastline on Mars. Much of their oceans are frozen on the surface & thaw somewhat in the summer.

I removed the false coloring & censor darkening & used a contrast tool to bring out details.

The red arrow points to the tide.   This is a shoreline beach. Those are craft in flight not craters. There are fisheries to the left. The nets look like ladders. Above the beach, you can see lines in the sand which show how high the water has been in the past. I suspect the tide is out on this summer photo of Mars. I don’t know how 2 small moons affect the tides.

 This is a frozen fractured ice ocean on the right side of the photo. The land on the left has cliffs which border the ocean..

The gov’t (namely the CIA) doesn’t want anyone to know about the water, cities & inhabitants on Mars & the moon. The CIA needs to be disbanded like JFK wanted to do. This are VERY bad people who kill foreign leaders, overthrow gov’ts & use our citizens for terrible deadly experiments. They also create false flag attacks & phony terror groups to fuel American outrage for warmongering. This is all documented & testified to congress by former CIA directors. They also control what you know about EBE’s. They also control & kill our own presidents. Why are they still in business?






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Vapor trails are proof of life on Mars. They can be seen all over the planet. The censors can’t catch them all.  Sometimes, you can see a craft at the head of a vapor trail.  This photo I downloaded from Google Earth Mars has dozens of vapor trails caused by the inhabitants flying their craft. The best ones are in the lower left corner. There are also structures. I recommend copying the photo so you can look at it larger.

I also included 2 enlargements.

The blue arrows point to vapor trails.

The green arrows point to shadows of those vapor trails which give you the sense of height.

The red arrows point at artificially stacked rows of boulders which could not possibly have been placed there naturally. There are gated gaps between the boulders for access. I think they are trying to keep something out or in. I’ve seen huge dinosaur sized creatures on the surface. I suspect that’s what they are blocking out or corralling. It may also explain why they create so many artificial craters where they live underground. The crater rim keeps out the creatures & provides a protected courtyard. Also from the wind as well as the creatures. Not everyone lives in a crater home.  They also have large cities.

You need to copy & enlarge the resolution to see better. The lower left corner is best for vapor trails & structures. Boulders are in the left center.

 Here is an enlarged lower left corner section.

 Here is an enlarged section showing the rows of boulders.




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About These Mars Photos   Leave a comment

Everything NASA has told the public is a lie. Mars has large cities currently teeming with intelligent life. In each image where they reside you can see dozens of crafts flying, leaving vapor trails behind them. Thousands across the entire planet. You can also see the same on the moon. This shows us there are huge thriving cities full of inhabitants on both Mars and the moon. I included one article on the moon. I plan to do a site on the moon later.

NASA removed all the natural colors and then added false heavy red and yellow coloring to hide the water and plant life. They also use yellow blur plating, pixilation, blurring and substituting images and other censoring techniques to hide details from view.

 There are huge rivers, lakes and oceans flowing with water and ships. One photo under my river article shows a huge body of water next to a melting glacier which is reflecting the clouds on the water and has several craft at the base of the glacier at the water’s edge. There are also Dinosaur sized creatures such as Giant worms, bugs, snails & scorpions the size of football fields. I included photos of them under my creatures post. Most of the craters on Mars are artificial. Most are polygon shaped and other features which no meteor or natural cause could create. You can see all of these things on the satellite images posted on this site.

I have been working on these images for 20 years to find the proof for everyone to see. All of the photos on this site, I personally downloaded from NASA, ESA, USGS, US Navy or Google Earth (Mars & Moon). All satellite photos are original from those sources without any fabrication.  In some cases I had to remove the heavy false coloring and dark shading added by the censors to hide features they do not want the public to see. In my description of each photo, I describe any changes I made and include the untouched original for comparison on some. I have all the original photos for comparison if needed.

One other thing you should know, is every person, including myself, who has gone to the trouble to share these images with the public are all either dying, already died or suffering from horrific medical problems. I find it more than coincidental that ALL of us are afflicted like this in our 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Most don’t make it to 60.

It doesn’t take much effort for the CIA to fire their satellite microwaves, x-rays, etc. at our homes. They are clearly acting without the Presidential authority required for their actions. These photos we are posting are all freely accessible to the public. We are not posting any classified imagery. So this is another issue which makes their actions so reprehensible.

So the least you can do is to make sure you share these images with as many people as possible. I can also show you how  to find these features and original images… but remember, each time we do that, the originating agency removes it from public view. Fortunately, I made copies of EVERY satellite photo each of these agencies had, so I have hundreds of thousands of photos saved because I knew they would try to remove or modify them once they realized where the feature of EBE life was revealed… like the US Navy did with the image of the blurred building on the moon.

Just in case you think we are paranoid, here is a list of people who died after coming forward with info about the EBE’s: Colonel Philip Corso, Jesse Marcel, Phil Schneider, Graham Birdsall, William Colby. Martyn Stubbs developed brain cancer but survived and Graham Birdsall died from a brain hemorrhage just months  after Stubbs was diagnosed  and shortly after Birdsall published Martyns NASA videos. Some said Martyn died while someone claiming to be Martyn responded. The same occurred with the disappearing Mars anomaly research website, Joseph Skipper disappeared, someone responded, then disappeared again. His website went up and down and all the mailboxes are full.

Bob Lazar’s reputation was utterly destroyed by gov’t hirelings such as Friedman and Shermer and CIA front groups such as MUFON. A Brazilian military officer was strangled to death just a couple weeks after MUFON interviewed him. Schneider was strangled from behind by his own oxygen tubing while totally disabled in a wheel chair for holding seminars on the EBE battle in the underground lab at Dulce, NM. Corso and Marcel both died within a year of coming forward with their info. Another personal friend is dying of ALS in Canada.

So this is no joke. They are killing everyone who shares this publicly freely accessible info. You should appreciate what we have done for you. Go back and read their books and watch their interviews. You all already have the truth available but kicked them in the teeth when they shared it. If you want to know the truth, go back and read Corso’s books and Lazars interviews.

The gov’t only sends their hirelings to attack those whom they want to shut up from telling the truth. They also like to insert their loudmouth bullies into blogs and UFO groups, etc. to create uproar and division to break it apart. If you have a blog or other site, etc., moderate all your commenters and delete the troublemakers before they can post a comment. You are under no obligation to allow these gov’t hirelings to post comments.

The gov’t never attacks their own hirelings or the crazies who claim to ride around in UFO’s… which we know to be untrue due to the dangerous EM fields in the craft which are hazardous to human health. Friedman sold out to the gov’t and became their pitbull to attack anyone who was telling the truth such as Corso or Lazar. Everything he said about them was a lie. He sold out for the EBE info he wanted to know. Shermer is another hireling. MUFON is a CIA front company to manage all the evidence and intimidate witnesses and falsify lab results and destroy proof and control the info and evidence and control the investigators as well while collecting over $5000 for the fee… then make you believe all the witnesses, hundreds of photos, videos, lab tests, evidence, etc., was inconsequential like they did in the Brazilian military officers case where he was strangled after the interview with MUFON, they were able to obtain from the Brazilian gov’t all the data their military had collected which the officer had told them about…. consisting of 1500 photos, videos, diagrams, data, medical reports, lab tests, physical evidence, witnesses, victims and doctor reports which the military had collected over 2 months at the village attacked… and the MUFON investigators had the audacity to claim there was not enough supporting evidence. This is the type of crap this phony group does. The creeps in charge of MUFON are all CIA or former CIA. This is one of the CIA front companies.

If you want to know the truth, read Philip Corso’s book “The day after Roswell” and Lazar’s video interview. My uncle worked where Lazar worked. Lazar was genuine. Both of these men’s veracity is impeccable. Corso was over the NSC (NSA) for 5 years in the white house under Eisenhower (which is why he also talks a lot about the communist agents in the CIA and white house in his book and his Senate testimony and reports to the Kennedy’s. Plus the thousands of WWII US POW’s which Eisenhower allowed the Russians to take to soviet Gulags where they were never rescued. Gen Patton was killed because he planned to go public with this to stop Ike from becoming President). Corso was also an officer in the Pentagon over the Roswell technology and he was a national security consultant to the US Senate and the Senate committee on black op funding. So read Corso’s book and watch his interviews as well as Lazars. Share these images with everyone. What you see in them is authentic. None of the photos are from 3rd party sources. They are all original.

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I was stunned at some of the familiar things I saw on Mars such as a cargo ship and maglev trains and giant creatures. I have a post which contains several photos of the creatures from photos from ESA and NASA, etc. The rivers are full of water and there are huge oceans. The black ops censors heavily censor these images with heavy false coloring by deleting all the natural color and then replacing it with heavy reds and yellows, yellow blur plates and dark shading, etc. That way, you won’t see the blue water and green plants growing there. Take a google earth image of Earth, remove the coloring to B&W, then recolorize the picture with red tones. You will see that it makes the rivers and oceans appear to be dry. Even the plants are obscured. This is what they have done to Mars. They can also take  topographical images such as Google Earth does of Earths ocean bottoms to make the oceans and rivers of Mars appear to be dry. But when you see ships on Martian rivers as below, there is no doubt whatsoever that they contain water. They are actually blue but the false coloring makes them appear red or muddy. These are the “canals” they saw from Earth telescopes. They are actually large rivers. But NASA and our CIA black ops have obscured them from the images. Even the NASA employees are in the dark. Most of the censoring is done by a few black ops working for Malin Space Systems MSSS before the NASA employees ever receive them. They receive the images on a cover bandwidth, then bounce back the signal with censored images on the NASA frequency. They will fight for their honor because no one likes to be made a fool. But it is time we cut off their money as long as our gov’t and NASA’s execs continue to lie to the public with this farce. I have included some of the original images on my posts so you will know these are genuine images. There has been no fabrication. You can download them yourselves from these agencies and remove the censoring if you feel the need to justify the authenticity of what you are seeing. I have no problem showing you how  to find the original images and teaching you how to undo the censor damages.

These images of Mars are genuine. I obtained them directly from NASA, MSSS, ESA, USGS and Google Earth-Mars which obtained all of their imagery from the same agencies.

This image was HEAVILY Censored with dark shading. I had to go to a lot of trouble to clean it up to see what they were hiding. I always check whenever I see their false darkening without knowing what I will find. In the upper right corner you can see what looks like one of our cargo ships on the river. I was stunned when I saw this. I have included the original, untouched photo as it appeared when I downloaded it so you can remove the dark censoring and see for yourself what was underneath. I do not fabricate anything. What you see is what was on the original. I was not able to restore all of the riverside structures.

05 WXCR Ship River

This is the untouched original of the same photo above. This original has all of the censor false colors and darkening. On the far right you can see the edge of the yellow blur plating they use to distort the features and cities, etc. These blur plate sections are very difficult to recover.

05 WXOR CR ship river

Here is more down the same river. Keep in mind that these are false colors from the censors. So you can’t see the blue waters. I could paint the river colors but those would not be genuine. I had to clean up more of the censor darkening on this section as well so it lost some of the rapids river texturing. They do not settle near the rivers because there are so many flash floods on Mars during the summer ice melts. In fact, they lost an entire city to flash floods. This particular region is very muddy looking.

05 WXER River Mars City

This is the original image of another river which Google Earth-Mars obtained from ESA. It is the untouched original. The censors added a yellow blur plate on the left side but in the center you can see the sheen of the water. On the river bend to the right, you can see the water level against the river bank. There are also a lot of structures here which have been hidden by the censors.

E canal Mars 158

This is the same image with the false colors removed and using a contrast tool to bring out features. I also added a pale color to the cargo ship in the center and added a red arrow pointing to it to make it easier to see. This is the same ship design as the other craft in the photo of another river at the beginning of this post.

E3 mk canal Mars 158

This next image is a photo of clouds reflecting off the water near a polar glacier on Mars. I removed the false censor coloring and shaded a couple structures under the glacier and behind the compass. I did not add any colors. But otherwise, this image is virtually untouched. I will include the original, untouched image below this one so you can see how they used false coloring to hide the water and cloud reflections. There are also numerous craft under the base of the glacier at the waters edge. We were fortunate that the censors did not recognize they were looking at cloud reflections. There are also quite a few other craft and structures on this glacier which I did not highlight.

E edit Mars 5

Here is the original of the photo above with the false coloring as it appears on Google Earth Mars which they obtained from ESA. Notice how the false coloring made a huge difference on your ability to recognize something as simple as water reflecting clouds. The censors do not want you to know about the clouds because that would reveal the fact that it rains on Mars and they have a very similar atmosphere.

Mars 5

This is a view of a Mars city which has been flooded and abandoned. Their other cities are thriving with activity, but this one city was devastated by a flash flood as you can see by the things washed down stream. Below this image is a larger view of the same city.

E3 zoom flood mars 196

This is a larger overview of the same city.

E4 full flood mars 196








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I have seen dinosaur sized giant earthworms, scorpions & snails on Mars but I never expected to find a cockroach the size of a football field in one of their habitations. This isn’t a full sized city like I’ve seen on other Mars locations. It is more like a small compound. Mars also uses their artificial craters for defense when they are under attack. We have seen one of their wars here on earth on the Nuremberg etching of an air battle in the 1500’s. I’ve also seen one Mars city devastated by a flood. These images take time to prepare to remove the censoring. But I thought this image with the 100 yard sized bugs should be seen first. Just a guess on the size based on the surrounding craft. The palmetto bugs in the US are bad enough at 3 inches. Imagine these giant bugs wandering around.

There are 3 giant bugs in this image of Mars. I placed Red arrows to point out the bug standing & the second one flying. The standing bug is easiest to view. If you look closely you can see fine legs & antenna on the left bug. If not cockroaches, perhaps big lightning bugs. The right bug is flying & hard to make out if you are not experienced with satellite imagery. I’ve been doing this for 20 years so I’m very skilled at recognizing objects in satellite imagery. Notice how big these bugs are in comparison to the nearby craft. I removed the false color & used shading on the craft, However, I did not touch the bugs because I did not want to damage the delicate legs & antenna on the left bug. Look very closely to see its details.  The right bug is flying so difficult to distinguish. I just noticed the rear of a third bug attempting to crawl inside a hangar in the top center of the photo. All you see is the rear & 2 legs.

13 Mars City Bugs mk

Below is the same image as is originally appears on Google Earth-mars. All of the censor false color & shading is intact in this original which I have not edited. This was cropped from a much larger photo. The larger image was downloaded at the highest resolution & further increased to 347 dpi to enlarge the features without loss of resolution. You can still see the bugs without any enhancement or editing. There also appears to be a 3rd bug from the rear at the upper center of the image, attempting to crawl inside an underground hangar. It appears our Mars neighbors don’t believe in eliminating insects even when they are big enough to eat you.

13 WXOR CR Bugs Mars City

These are some kind of segmented wormsor larvae below which they use to carve out the artificial craters. I’ve seen these in many artificial craters on Mars & the moon. They apparently ingest soil like our earthworms. You can also see manmade structures in this photo. Mars also has gigantic Earthworms a mile long. I will show them in a separate photo. Both can be found at the mars South pole. Mare austral. I removed the false censor redoing & used a contrast tool to bring out the details.

E worms Mars 67

This is some kind of giant snail below.

E zoom creature Mars 17

This looks more like a slug.

01B crater worm

Here are some of those Earthworms at least a mile long at the south pole of Mars. I guess we should call them Marsworms instead of Earthworms. You can see two worms on the left side. I removed the false censor color & used contrast tools to bring out the structures. When lightening the censor brown shading, it tends to turn pink or red. When darkening, it tends to turn objects gold because I only remove 80% of the false censor color to allow for some tone.

114 crop Mars Earthworms







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NASA should be Defunded for Lying   Leave a comment

I should think the public would be getting tired of pouring billions of dollars down NASA’s drain & those of their contractors every year for the past 55+ years just so the privileged few can have their personal playground at our expense while lying about everything they have discovered.

It has taken great effort for those of us who have spent thousands of hours pouring through the satellite images to find the truth where the censors missed, so the public could see what is really on Mars and the moon.

I think it is time we put a stop to this farce by the privileged few who are basically stealing our tax dollars for lies. They’ve not only pulled this farce on the public, there are less than a handful of gov’t officials who are in the loop on the actual truths while pulling the wool over the eyes of the Congress. If you remember, Bush Sr, when he was over the  CIA, told President Carter that he did not have a NEED to know… when Carter asked about UFO’s & EBE’s as President. He should have fired him on the spot. The entire CIA needs to be disbanded as well. They are at the core of orchestrating these lies and image censoring. Only the removal of their funds will put a stop to this.

NASA has abused trillions of dollars to have their personal access to space exploration while lying to the public & withholding the information about the colonization of Mars & the Moon by other intelligent species. These EBE colonies have been there for over 50,000 years.  The truth is in the photos where their censors missed a few spots. These photos all came directly from the websites of NASA, ESA, USGS, US Navy & Google Earth-Mars. The US Gov’t is so powerful, they also blackmail other countries to withhold  their EBE info as well by holding their loans and debts over the heads of the countries and their space agencies. Our CIA sends their jackals like MUFON to eliminate any witnesses like they did to the Brazilian military officer who was strangled just a couple weeks after MUFON interviewed him about the attacks on the coastal village and all the evidence he had collected.

I think it is time we put a stop to both NASA and CIA’s abuse of our money for their personal self gratification. If NASA’s  executives will not be more forthcoming about the truth, then NASA needs to be completely defunded. It is not the fault of the employees. They are being deceived as well. It is the policy of the gov’t & NASA’s execs & contractors such as MSSS & JPL who are controlled by black ops in censoring & obscuring the data from the public & NASA employees which can no longer be tolerated. It is time to create an independent space agency to obtain the uncensored images of Mars & the moon so we can see these realities in full, uncensored color. The other commercial space company has been besieged by the military & NSA sabotaging their launches & orbital flights with EMP & satellite particle beams , as well as black ops moles within their employees to prevent them from achieving success with their projects.

Why should we keep pouring money into an Agency controlled by the gov’t, military, NSA & CIA who will only take the money & keep on lying to the public about their findings. It  is time to shut off the funding to NASA. We also need to shut off the Military funding for their black ops space program. I know someone in high positions for both NASA & the Military space programs. Why should we pay for lies & fancy multibillion dollar toys. If you would look at the annual Space budgets approved by the Senate for NASA & military space programs you would be horrified at the trillions wasted each year. I have copies of the budgets & aerospace devices. I will try to upload when I get a chance. They are available to the public one year after the budget has been approved.

It is time we cut off their trillions in  wasted spending. Just think of the lower taxes & funding for Medicare & Social security we would have without NASA & the military space waste. We are not benefitting from it. Mars has huge rivers & oceans they have been hiding for over 45 years. I found images of these amazing discoveries which I personally downloaded directly from these space agencies which contain these details their censors missed. They also use false red coloring to obscure the water sources & plant growth & clear views of living intelligent beings inhabiting both Mars and the Moon.  I’m  endeavoring to upload these as fast as I can so you can see for yourselves the lies they have told us & why they should be defunded.

I’m not blaming the employees at NASA. Too many people attack employees who have no idea they are being misled. The general employee population are victims of deception like the rest of us. Only a handful of executives, high placed scientists and black ops employees at MSSS and other contractors have seen the uncensored images of Mars. The images are being routed to the censors on a classified frequency unbeknownst to NASA’s project employees. Then the censors upload the modified images which are retransmitted to NASA on their frequency. They have done similar things to fool the mission control employees. I used to know one of the NASA mission Directors from the 60’s. I know how a false signal and data were bounced to the mission control employees. I think it was less than 5 people at the highest levels who knew the real story. So don’t lay all of this on the employees. They really believe what they are doing and have no idea that they are being fooled by a very elaborate black ops censor set up to prevent them from seeing what is really there.

You may not know that Astronaut Grissom’s family believe he was killed with his two fellow astronauts in that capsule fire while they were simply practicing their flight. It has been said that Grissom refused to go along with NASA’s deception to the public and was killed for it. If that doesn’t grab your attention, did you know that the NASA mission control director quit his job just 2 weeks before the first moon landing launch? The employees are not in the loop on any of this but the public can’t seem to understand this. They assume if someone works at NASA, that employee knows everything that occurs at NASA. They don’t. Nor are the employees and scientists of NASA infallible. I constantly see them making errors all the time. Some errors are clear incompetency such as wrapping their moon rocks in aluminum foil. Any engineer can tell you that aluminum is a self oxidizing metal which transfers to any metal it comes in contact with and causes many metals to corrode after contact with aluminum. So why would anyone with any sense at all wrap their supposedly precious moon rocks in aluminum foil? I know they are aware of this issue because I told them about it years ago. Then there is the issue with the orbit of Asteroid 2002 AA29. That was the biggest BS I’ve ever seen. They are either deliberately lying or completely incapable of doing their job. The quality of skilled professionals has severely dropped since 2000. I’ve seen it in my own profession as an Engineer, Exec and Scientist.

This is not the reason I believe NASA should be defunded but the public should also be aware of NASA’s employees fallibility and increasing incompetency. They are merely riding on the fact that they work for NASA as their credentials. I’m sure everyone has run into incompetent boobs where they work. Did you really think NASA and their contractors are any different? It is poor, declining education, poor work ethics and poor work attitudes which have affected the work force for the past 15 years. There is a shortage of quality engineers and scientists with high skills, expertise and work ethics, so most companies have been going overseas to foreign countries to find the skillsets they need rather than our US employee base which plays on the internet or texting all day and get stoned every night. We are lucky to get 30 minutes of real work out of them in a full day. I know more than a dozen corporations who went out of business because they could not find qualified, competent employees with good work habits. However, at the same time, these companies had laid off all of their high dollar skilled engineers & scientists and replaced them with low paid kids fresh out of college with no expertise whatsoever. Even Bell Labs did this and came within a hair of going bankrupt about 12 years ago. I had to go in as a consultant to retrain their employees on technologies which Bell Labs had developed… but their replacement employers were not using and causing their designs to be fraught with maladies. NASA is like this, but their problem is even worse because they compartmentalize their employees like the gov’t and military where they are restricted to a piece of a project and the heavy secrecy codes prevent them from exchanging ideas with fellow employees. This destroys creativity and troubleshooting and prevents brainstorming  and sharing skills that might have come up with new developments or to fix problems. This will hopefully give you an insiders view of NASA employees and some of the problems. While most of them are not at fault for the lying… the public needs to know they should not be elevated upon a pedestal either. Nor should the public take their word for anything of consequence since it will either be based on lies they are unaware of or the accuracy of their information is based on a poorly qualified employee erroneous assessment. On example is the fact that none of them have noticed the craters on Mars are nearly all artificial and could not have been made by a meteor or asteroid or any other natural means.

We have paid for their personal playground long enough. They will never tell the truth unless forced to do so by removing their funding. Everyone should become involved to force this defunding of all space programs as long as they continue to lie to the public. We need to shut down their personal playground at our expense.





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Mars EBE Crafts & Pyramids   Leave a comment

Most of the cities on Mars are inhabited. There is one which was abandoned after a flashflood. I will post the city images on a different article. However, one of the bottom craft images also contains portions of a city.

We will begin with the crafts and objects to help accustom your eyes to looking at the Mars scape.

On one of my other posts, you can see water in the rivers on Mars. All of the cities and rivers, lakes and oceans have been censored so you can’t see them. You can see all of this for yourself on the original sites for the space agencies or Google earth Mars. Just remember, always use the highest resolution when saving images. When you enlarge images, use photoshop and increase the DPI resolution. Never increase physical size or use standard zoom to increase size because those methods will distort the images. Only increase the DPI. Also, try to look at areas which have not been covered by a high yellow blur plate. It is very difficult to recover a blurred image section. I have some below where you can see the effects of the censors blurring the images. Reducing the heavy false color will also help. The censors use the false colors to make everything look like a red desert. The false color also obscures the water in the Rivers and hides the plant growth. I can see many areas which are covered by what looks like trees and other plants… but the censors turned everything red to distort it. If you look at the old global images of Mars, you will see huge areas of blue. Only water is blue except for a couple precious stones like Sapphire, turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.

If you look carefully, you can see a faint vapor trail behind some of their craft.

Most of these Images come from Google-Earth-Mars which get their images from ESA, NASA, USGS, etc. As I’ve previously mentioned these space agencies go to a great deal of trouble to conceal the Mars cities using shading, heavy false color, blurring, pixilation, substitute images, etc. But they can’t hide everything. You have to train your eyes to recognize their structures. They don’t build in grids or use roads. Few of their buildings are rectangular. Most are round. They also have underground habitats in the artificial craters. I have also seen them using the artificial craters for defense & protection during wars.

The crafts are many different shapes. Some are triangular, some are spherical, some are saucers. They also use what appear to be planes & rockets. It has been said the saucers do not handle well in atmosphere. We have found gold airplane jewelry in ancient Columbia on Earth when they used to reside there. The inhabitants of Mars originated from Pleiades. They are said to be 8-10 ft tall. They lived on Earth in ancient Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, Iceland, etc. They are the source of the giant Greek gods such as Zeus, Diana, Neptune, etc.

I have the unedited originals of these images. I reduced the heavy color & heavy contrast on some. I also used a contrast tool to bring out the details on some. I did not add anything. This is the real Mars which has been hidden from us. Our politicians believe they are the only elite who should have this info and use the pathetic excuse of Orson Wells 1939 radio show reaction. The public reacted because the radio show was performed as news bulletins breaking into the show & reporting an invasion slaughtering citizens street by street & destroying the military who were helpless to defend against them. It was not the EBE’s (aliens) the people feared. It was the radio news broadcasts saying they were under deadly invasion. The public would have done the very same if the radio program had stated the invaders were Russians or some other terrorists slaughtering  their neighbors & military, it would have been the same reaction. They trusted their radio news to tell them the truth. Not false news broadcasts about invaders, regardless of their species. Any sane person would fear for their family when the news stated they were under invasion. Even if it was Russians instead of aliens. So to use this excuse is a false premise.

The gov’t only needs to introduce them peacefully in small dose over a few weeks. Such as Roswell & any meetings & interactions the gov’t has had. Then their colonies on mars & then lastly the moon. If they demonstrate the EBE’s have been here for 50,000 years peacefully, then the public will accept them. Especially when they tell the public they only come to Earth for water & supplies. But the public should be taught caution about retaliations if they approach or shoot or the EBE’s.

We will begin with some easy to recognize  objects on Mars. Here is a jet on the south pole of Mars. It has not been edited except to reduce the heavy colors.

013 WXCR MARS city Bl Jet

This is a different kind of craft. Like a shuttle in flight.

010 CR Mars City craft

This looks like a jet tilted nose downward. It is difficult to see.

016 WXCR Mars City Jet craft

This is a tiny piece of a Mars city. I reduced the heavy colors and used a contrast tool to bring out the shapes. I also added red arrows to point out certain craft. Some have a faint vapor trail behind which shows they are in flight. They tried to darken out half of a spherical craft to make it look like a crater… but it is a sphere in flight. I removed as much of the censor darkening from it as I was able. The left side of the image was obscured by censors with a yellow blur plate. I repaired as much as I could. The two dark strips are where hi res satellite images were imbedded. There are a lot more city details which I did not bring out with the contrast tool. But you can see it if you look closely enough.

49 CR2 mk craft city

Here is the untouched unedited original of the same photo with the heavy color and shading by the censors. This is the original how it appears from the official imagery which you can compare with the photo above where I tried to clean it up and reduce the colors.

49 CROR craft city

Here is a Pyramid on Mars. Nothing has been done except reducing the heavy colors.

47 Pyramid

Here is the original from a different viewpoint.

001 WXOR MARS pyramid



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Artificial Craters on Mars (redone)   Leave a comment

I cleaned up this post & deleted half the text. I was very tired from long hours of working on this imagery when I first created this post & also had computer format issues.

Many photos of artificial craters on Mars are included below. Craters with polygon shapes, flat sides, shallow flat bottoms, etc. which could not possibly have been created naturally such as the Richardson crater… which isn’t a crater at all. In fact, all of the space agencies are trying to bury images of the Richardson crater or only show a partial slice or strip image of the crater to hide the entire shape which was clearly manually excavated around the outer perimeter in the shape of a stop sign.

I’m willing to bet that no one has ever taken time to notice that the crater formations on Mars and the moon are not natural. The craters have been artificially constructed by the intelligent species inhabiting Mars. Meteors do not create Polygons or flat sided craters. In fact, there are only a handful of genuine meteor craters on all of Mars. There is intelligent life on Mars. Including cities, large supplies of water, dinosaur sized creatures (mostly giant earthworms, snails, snakes, scorpions… all as big as an entire football field). There are also several types of aircraft & spacecraft, as well as ground craft such as maglev monorails & vehicles. ALL of these can be seen on official satellite images of Mars from NASA, ESA, USGS, Google Earth: Mars, MSSS, etc. They do their best to censor these items from the images by using heavy colors, dark shading, blur plates, substituted images, pixilation, etc. but they cannot catch everything & you can remove some of the damage by reducing the color intensity & using contrast tools to repair their efforts.

Mars has huge cities as well as small settlements. So why would they need artificial craters. Some are used for residing underground & the shallow, flat bottom crater acts like a courtyard, shielded from the freezing wind & protecting them from those dinosaur sized creatures. However, I recently discovered these artificial craters are also used for defense shelters & military compounds. We know they fought wars because of the etching during the 1500’s, showing the spheres & other crafts battling in the sky over Nuremburg. We also know there were 2 races of these 8-10 ft high aliens who resided on Earth. The dark, curly black haired visitors to ancient Sumeria & Egypt. Also, the fair haired, blue eyed tall visitors to Iceland & Europe. Some of them became the Greek gods: Zeus, Diana, Neptune, etc. I understand these tall Plaiedians engineered the Grays who in turn engineered us as slave laborers because Earths gravity & oxygen were too strong for them. Mostly, they needed gold ore for their electronics. The Grays reside on the moon. I’m not sure who was fighting whom. But clear evidence of military defense can be seen on the imagery of Mars.

It is also of interest to note that the Vatican created the dark ages to remove all evidence of these former EBE residents & to execute anyone who dared to mention them until all documents, structures & witness had been destroyed. Several artists took great risks to include these UFO’s in their paintings to ensure this knowledge would survive. Christopher Columbus himself was in danger of execution when he was interrogated upon his return to Spain about his UFO sighting during his journey to the Caribbean.

I have also seen many of these artificial craters with segmented worms carving them out as they ingest the soil. I’ve seen these crater worms on both Mars & the Moon. They remind me of giant ringworms. I’m not sure whether these ringworms create the craters out of natural foraging & nesting or whether the EBE’s train them to create these craters or both. Obviously, the worms do not create polygon craters but they may create the initial crater which the EBE’s shape.

One other use of the craters is for ceremonies purposes. l have also seen many Stonehenge style structures on Mars.

A genuine meteor crater is a deep bowl shape with high outer ridges created by the dirt thrown up from the impact of the meteor. For those of you who have not seen meteor crater, here is an image of what a relatively small meteor impact did in Arizona. A mile wide crater and quite deep.

This is a photo of Meteor Crater Arizona so you can compare it with the artificial craters on Mars. Notice how it is deep and curved like a bowl. How all the dirt from the crater was ejected around the outer edge of the crater by the impact. Creating a giant mound with a deep bowl shaped hole in the center. Now you can compare this genuine meteor crater in AZ with those artificial craters of Mars… and ponder the answer as to why and how they would create artificial craters… and how you looked at these crater images for years, but did not see.

E meteor crater AZ

  • Mars & our Moon are covered with these “craters” while none of the other planets or their moons in our system are heavily cratered like this. In fact, they are barely cratered at all. I just double checked the internet photos of the other planets and moons. Most planets & moons in our solar system have only a handful of genuine craters at best.

  • Most craters on Mars & the moon are shallow & flat bottomed like a cake pan

  • Many craters also have a huge rock formation in the center. Certainly not from a meteor impact. Perhaps a leftover indigestible rock from the crater ringworms.

  • The most recognizable artificial craters are polygon shaped, like stop signs.

  • Many craters have one flat side

  • There are multiple craters with flat or polygon shapes under construction

  • None of these craters were created by meteor impacts

  • Genuine Meteor impacts would excavate the bottom and create a bowl like Meteor crater AZ. The craters would also be deeper at the center point of impact.

  • Mars also has circular plateau mounds which appear to be scraped off smooth & flat on top. Like icing a cake or an upside down cake pan or plateau. What the heck creates a round plateau? We know these are plateaus because of the way the sun reflects on them, as opposed to the craters. It takes years of experience to learn how to identify sunlight & shade to discern between craters & plateaus on satellite images. Both are round. The plateau is above the ground, while the craters are below.  Also, your eyes will play tricks on you when viewing craters. One look appears like craters while another look appears like mounds. It is a natural deception. But the sun reflection confirms whether these are mounds or craters. It takes practice to learn this.

Notice how this stop sign shaped crater has been excavated around the periphery. The interior has what looks like sand dunes but looks more like solar pleating. Water has been detected there. There is no way this is a naturally shaped crater. It isn’t a crater at all. Nor did the wind create this artificial shape or unusual interior. This is clearly artificial.

This is an original unedited picture of the Richardson crater I directly copied from Google Earth Mars who obtained their imagery from USGS & ESA. I also have identical images of this “crater” from MSSS & NASA. There is no way this feature was naturally created by a meteor or any other natural process. The silver stripe is an embedded hi res image strip from another satellite.

Richardson stop sign crater

Here  is a larger view of the same image. Notice how the EBE’s are creating more pleating in the “craters” above the large stop sign shaped Richardson crater. On a tight zoom, the pleating looks like sand dunes but I believe the censors substituted imagery from the Sahara to make it appear natural. However, there is NOTHING natural about this group of craters. The pleating must have a useful purpose. Only this one group of artificial “craters” have this type of pleated centers.

0 WCR stop sign crater

Three craters below have one flat side carved out In fact, these look like mounds. On the second mound from the bottom, you can see a square entrance carved into the mound. These are actually artificial structures.

028 B CR construct crater

By using a contrast tool to lighten or darken features, you can see more detail from the previous image below. Between the 2 bottom mounds, that round object between them is a craft flying with a vapor trail behind. This is a common sighting on most of the Mars imagery. Censors use coloring to hide them. I lightened their Coloring for viewing on the image below, but you can still see it on the unedited image above. The craft appears to have flown out of the bottom mound hangar door but looks too large to fit in the door because it has flown higher and closer to the camera. So the closeness to the camera as the craft flies upward makes the craft appear larger since it is several hundred feet above the mound it departed from. Either that or the craft simply has a short vapor trail which coincidentally ended above the mound giving a false impression or origin. The trails are usually much longer. Either way, it is still a craft with a vapor trail flying above the mounds. There are thousands of these crafts which I often see flying out of various structures. Many can be seen flying toward the satellite camera. The inhabitants appear to be very alert to our satellites as if they expect an attack. It may be why so many of our Mars missions fail upon landing. Either that or NASA has been lying about these satellites, rovers, etc, failing and are using them unbeknownst to the public… at our expense. If you remember, all of their early missions failed upon landing. Most likely because they were not prepared to see a fully inhabited planet with a thriving civilization. It took NASA a while to come up with a way to censor the images before they would let us see anything.

028 B CRE2 construct crater


This next crater is being shaped into another stop sign shape. I only reduced the false color saturation

023 CR construct craters

The 2 bottom craters & the top crater & one center crater each have one side artificially cut flat.

027 CR construct crater

This image shows the space agency censors false color & false darkening they add to hide signs of life. One crater is being created as a polygon and has an excavated rectangular area on the upper left corner of the polygon.

028 CR construct crater

If you remove the coloring on the photo above and use contrast, you can see more details which have been hidden under the colors.

028 A CRE construct crater

However, upon zooming in closely to the pentagon shaped mound, I discovered lettering on top of the building. ENGLISH lettering which says 3T. It is similar to the way the Grays on the moon use hieroglyphics to distinguish between their buildings which are all round mounds to fool anyone into thinking they are craters instead of buildings. The lettering helps them to locate particular buildings. You can see the 3T which only appeared upon super enlargement of the images above. Since they are using English, these could be some of our own people who disappeared who are living on Mars with the tall EBE’s. If they were from the original slaves, they would not be using English. They would be speaking ancient Egyptian, etc. This may be one more secret the gov’t has been hiding. Abducted family members on Mars. Why not? Eisenhower allowed tens of thousands of US and Allied WWII POW’s to be taken by the Soviets and placed in Gulag work camps who were never returned and their families were told they died. Gen Patton was killed for wanting to reveal Ike’s dirty laundry about this issue. Col Philip Corso who was over the NSC (NSA) at the White House under Eisenhower for 5 years also describes in his book “The Day After Roswell” how he testified to the Senate about these POW’s in Russia and also told Bobby Kennedy as well. He also testified about Ike’s cabinet and staff being soviet sympathizers and how the Dulles brothers filled the CIA and Ike’s staff with communists. This is also in Corso’s book. Yet nothing was ever done about the POW’s or the communists. So if our gov’t can do this to our own soldiers and lie to their families and the public, what makes you think they are telling the truth about Mars?

90 WCR crater forest

Here is some type of slug. I highlighted this image to remove the
censors false shading.

01B crater worm

This is the original coloring of the same slug image

01 crater worm

Your eyes will play tricks on you. So you have to go by the sunlight reflection. The sun is shining from the east. From the upper right. The plateau or mound refection is around the outer right side because it is above the ground. Conversely, the crater sunlight reflection is on the inside of the left interior wall. The dark smudged area was created by censors trying to hide things.

mars 145 R

This is one of the few genuine Craters on Mars but they have parked several craft inside.

mars 138

These are the segmented worms which ingest soil & carve out shallow craters & tunnels. They are found on Mars & the moon. You can see the trail left behind one of the worms as it was moving across the area. I did not edit this photo except to darken the worms & objects. It came directly from google earth Mars. I also added the red arrows to point out the worms. The black or silvery stripes are embedded hi res image strips from another satellite.  The photo includes the coordinates on Google Earth mars at their south pole.

worms Mars 67

I have never heard anyone mention these crater questions before. It has scientific merit as to why these craters are flat bottomed and not in the shape of a deep bowl with a high ridge around them. And why some of these are flat topped mounds. Or Pentagon shaped.   Or an upside down cake pan shaped plateau. None of these craters have impact characteristics. In fact, with the lower gravity on the moon and mars, these craters should have much higher ridges because a lot more dirt from the impact would have ejected a lot further and higher, making a much taller crater rim.

Why do so many craters have a big object in the center of the crater? It is not the meteor because the crater would be several times larger if these huge objects were the meteor. I believe these mountain sized rocks at the center of many of these artificial craters are simply left over rocks the worms could not ingest.

This particular crater also has a second smaller crater on its outer rim. The sun is from the right causing raised objects to cast a shadow to the left.

mars 161

We also have hundreds of large craters with a second smaller crater perfectly centered on the outer rim of the larger crater. Like a wedding ring design. Incidentally, many of these shallow, flat bottomed craters are the same size and the second smaller interlinking craters on the outer rims of the larger crater are also all the same size if you compared the sets with other similar crater pairs. These are clearly artificial and many are occupied. There is no way these could all be the same size in nature. Mars has hundreds of these. Mars does have atmosphere for lifeforms who can breathe the Mars 13% oxygen instead of Earths 18-21% oxygen. Depending on whether we can trust NASA’s data on the atmospheric contents. The oxygen levels may be higher than reported. We already know NASA lied about the water, ice, frozen CO2, air pressure, plant life, creatures, etc. The mere fact the planet Mars has methane is indicative of biological life. Only plants, animals & people generate methane from waste & decay. Clearly, there are intelligent & animal life forms breathing the atmosphere on Mars.

Here are 2 identical large craters; each with a second small crater also identical in size, centered on the outer rim of the large craters. Both Identical sized pairs. What are the chances of that being natural

mars 157

I took a closer look at this double crater & removed the censor shading which was hiding a building & other structures in the center. The dark censor shading turned reddish where I lightened it.

mars 173

While most of these shallow artificial craters have a flat bottom, a few appear to have a slightly domed bottom. Convex shaped. Anyone who has baked a cake has encountered a domed top which makes it difficult to stack the layers.

These craters are something we’ve seen our entire lives on the face of the moon but we never stopped to consider most of these craters are not formed by an impact. Some of those moon craters are hundreds of miles across but have an outer ridge less than 15 ft high. Anything that big should have been thousands of feet deep.

This photo is unedited except for the addition of labels.

mars 145 R

Here are several craters on the unedited photo below. The black strip is another hi res photo strip image

mars 184

I’ve never heard anyone mention the craters or the worms before. It has nothing to do with conspiracies whatsoever. It is a science curiosity. As for speculations I began seeing several combined Craters. One large crater with a smaller crater interlinked & perfectly aligned on the outer rim. Placing a second small crater on the outer rim of a large crater on hundreds of paris like this can only have been done artificially. Certainly not from any meteor shower. There are a large number of these artificial crater pairs on Mars & no way these are aligned so perfectly from meteor impacts.

Here we see an odd hubcap type of crater with a mound in the center and a second interlinking smaller crater on the left side which also has a high object in its center. What is different about this image is this is NOT Mars and NOT our moon.

This next image is actually Calisto. One of Jupiters moons. If you enlarge it and remove some of the shading you can see  this crater is also inhabited. I had no idea they were on Jupiters moons. I always wondered why we made such a big deal out of Europa, etc. We see lots of movies where we have Earthlings living on Jupiter moons or Saturn’s moons. This makes no sense to me. Other than the gravity being similar… it is cold as hell out there and takes a lot of energy to heat up the colonies that far from the sun. Even right here on earth, it is cold as hell if we simply go to Canada. So why would we be comfortable on any planet OR MOON which is farther from the SUN? Yet, here is an artificial crater on the moon Calisto of Jupiter creating an underground habitat for the ebes. Then must be ores on Calisto which they cannot obtain on Mars, Earth or our Moon. Either that or a sentry post. It depends on how many habitats they created on Calisto.

Our moon has a highly purified form of aluminum which is not available on earth which they use in the outer shell of their crafts. Earth had a lot of gold which they used in their electrical circuits. Not to mention glass for fiber optics plus a vast supply of fresh water in the great Lakes and anything else they need. This is based on ore dust found near landing sites and the gold preferences of their labor camps like Egypt and Peru, Columbia, etc. Who knows? Our Gov’t may also be trading ores and other things with the EBE’s for technology exchange. Since the EBE symbol is a pyramid, perhaps some of those corporations with pyramids in their logo’s are participating. Read my other articles about these issues.


Here are two images side by side. The left image is  totally unedited except for cropping its size. The right picture has been edited with a contrast tool to lighten and darken areas. Notice how the center objects remind you of Sand Ships from the Martian Chronicals? Notice the shape of the bottom crater is geometric & polygon like a stop sign.

I placed the unedited original on the left side so you can clearly see I did not alter these shapes in any way. To enlarge, increase the DPI on your photo editor.

mars 187edit mars 187







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Real UFO’s versus misidentified events   Leave a comment

Clearly, there are genuine UFO sightings and incidents, but there are also plenty of major events which have been misidentified. We also need to understand that the UFO’s and EBE’s who operate them are NOT here to help or guide us. I cringe every time I hear the fool on Ancient Aliens talking about them being here to help and guide us. The EBE’s have ZERO interest in our welfare. Remember what Colonel Philip Corso said? Our gov’t cannot control them. They are highly dangerous and we should run the other way as fast as we can if we should encounter one. Remember the horrific injuries sustained by Schneider when he encountered the aliens in the caverns beneath Dulce? Or the horror chambers of humans captive under Dulce as seen by Castello who has since disappeared?

The reason we see UFO’s so often is because they have a vast colony of hundreds of thousands of Grays colonizing the moon. These are dangerous creatures who have been resident on our moon for over 50,000 years. This is the secret the gov’t is afraid the public will find out… not to mention their complicity in allowing these creatures to torture and experiment on humans in exchange for technology. The Grays do not like the heavy gravity and thick oxygen of earth which is also evident by their frail muscle development and their gray coloring. This is also why they preferred high altitudes like Puma Punku where the oxygen levels are thinner. This is also the reason they needed a slave force to do the mining on Earth.

The reason we see them so often, especially in certain places like Wisconsin near the great lakes is because the Grays send their tanker ships here every few days to obtain water from Lake Michigan and other freshwater lakes to supply their bases on the Moon. They are NOT using an underwater base. They do NOT like high pressure or heavy gravity. They are simply getting shiploads of water for the lunar colonies on a regular basis. They prefer to use large lakes where there is low population. They try to avoid us as often as possible. They also pick up organic supplies for food, etc. Check out the moon photos on this same site. As for underwater bases, our Navy has completely mapped the entire ocean floor with their hydrographic survey vessels since the 1950’s. My ex used to be on one of those ships. We also have satellites mapping the entire ocean floor and every other land or water source on the planet. Just look at Google earth. We even have satellites which can see bunkers beneath the earth with our satellite ground penetrating radar. The public is sadly out of date on the technologies which are not even secret… let alone the technologies which are secret. The most amusing thing is the public is so clueless that they don’t believe the technologies which are known… because of their preprogrammed mindset. They let loudmouth gov’t hirelings who hang out on blogs to intimidate and shut down everyone, do their thinking for them.

As far as the UFO’s over nuclear sites… as in 1952, they flew across Washington DC and other areas in a group to express their disdain for our contaminating their water and food supplies with fallout from our above ground nuclear tests. In 52, they saw us building the Ivy Mike hydrogen bomb on Enewetak and were trying to stop us from contaminating the planet. Of course, we didn’t get the message. This is also why they started messing with nuclear missile sites, tests, etc. To stop our insanity which was affecting their source of supplies. They are NOT collecting nuclear energy. They are concerned about our crappy management of nuclear plants and weapons.  That is what they are checking. The EBE’s use element 115 for their reactors which is not found on our planet. We were only able to produce a few atoms in the Cern accelerator. However, we have several hundred pounds of it which we obtained from various crafts we captured. But they don’t need any nuclear materials from us.

Additionally, the military space program is NOT a secret. To hear MUFON make these statements is patently absurd. The USAF has their own rocket launch site in Florida and their space control center is located at Peterson AFB in Colorado. The USAF publishes their space weapons, space satellites and space vehicles in their annual budget catalogue which they use to request money from Congress. I have copies of these. I will post some pages from the catalogues below. They also launch their experimental vehicles from S-4. This was under the control of Naval Intelligence as was A51 through 2005 at which time Bush changed the control of all military space programs from Naval Intelligence to the USAF. So I assume that may have changed the command structure at S-4 and A51 to the USAF as well. I have also seen our rockets on Mars. The full sized Saturn 5 type rockets at the Mars south pole and a clearly human facility near the Mars north pole… but we also have EBE’s residing there as well. Long before we ever arrived with their own unique structures. Check out the mars photos on this site. I will add more soon… when I get a chance.

The deaths of birds and fish in Missouri are NOT from UFO’s. How ridiculous can you get? Natural gas and other toxic gases underground are completely odorless. The odors you recognize are added after processing at the plant. When these gases are released they are deadly, especially to wildlife which is why they used to test mines with canaries. There are several reasons why these gases are released. Seismic activity, broken pipelines and the activities from our gov’t using the TBM’s to drill the underground tunnels linking the shelters, USAF bases and key metro areas for the maglev trains used by politicians, military and the elite. These are not theories. I know people who worked on these projects and have photos of the TBMs they used. These could easily cause toxic gases to be released. The TBM tunnel process also causes low level earthquakes below 4.1 which you can track using the earthquake icons and dates on Google earth (although they did remove some of the icons when I posted how to trace the tunnels).

Kecksburg, PA. This was the Russian Cosmos 96(?) probe which failed. We claimed it crashed in Canada several hours earlier… and if you believe that, we have some worthless swamp land to sell. Think about it. This was the exact size and shape of the Cosmos nosecone. If you have seen Russian lettering, some farmer could easily mistake the Russian symbols for hieroglyphics. It certainly was not big enough to hold a crew and the timing coincided with the Russian Venus probe. Our gov’t are like a bunch of magpies trying to get their hands on any technology by any means and did not want the Russians to know we had it in our possession. The same with Roswell which is why they retracted their statement about the saucer & changed to a weather balloon. They did not want Stalin to know we had a UFO… so they lied about the weather balloon to throw off the Russians. We also did the same thing when we snatched a UFO out of Mexico and the Mexican troops ended up dead… we supposedly even used a small suitcase nuke to wipe out the evidence. Clearly, our gov’t is out of control and the public needs to remember we are paying their salaries and they are supposed to be working for us. We need to regain control.

Phoenix lights. There was indeed a UFO in Phoenix, but not the ones most people “thought” they saw. The actual UFO was on the other side of the mountain from Phoenix in a rural valley area near a highway. The USAF dropped a load of flares over Phoenix to divert the public’s attention away from the UFO… and it worked. Everyone was looking at the flares and only a few saw the actual UFO. The gov’t pulled this same thing over Ohio. Dropping flares to distract onlookers and photos to the flares and away from the real UFO. So the next time you see a string of lights illuminate… start looking around for the real UFO… likely in the opposite direction. This is a deliberate ploy they use and no one seems to have caught on yet.

MUFON is a CIA front company where they have gov’t hirelings there to collect and manage the information and control the investigators whom each pay over $5000 for the training and licenses. They are also taught to intimidate witnesses and use polygraphs to discredit or frighten them… unbeknownst to the investigators, the polygraph expert is a CIA hireling who has fixed the machine to produce false results… hence making the witness look like a liar. They go out of their way to find fault with every piece of info no matter how much evidence because MUFON trains them that way and actually “licenses” them to have full control by declaring themselves the licensing authority. One such case which comes to mind was the UFO assaults on the rural Brazil village where their military was involved taking photos and diagrams and testimony and observing and filming the incidents for months. The officer in charge gave a  video testimony before he was found murdered and the Brazil gov’t actually gave them access to the  hundreds of documents, photos and films including the very records the officer had described. They also had the doctor’s testimony and medical records and testimony and photos of victims and the craft. But that wasn’t good enough for the MUFON team who claimed it lacked scientific evidence. They DID have scientific evidence by the hundreds from the gov’t, military, doctors, victims, soldiers, film, photos, diagrams and documentation from every aspect imaginable. But that wasn’t good enough for the MUFON disinfo CIA hirelings.

Then there was the real joke when MUFON investigators saw and filmed a black military helicopter near Dulce, followed it, couldn’t enter the ranch area… and then claimed there was no proof of military presence and gave up… what the hell was the black helicopter everyone saw, if not proof of military presence? This is the kind of crap MUFON pulls. They only give you just enough to capture your interest and then slam you with doubts about the credibility at the end. You are all being programmed with these shows to respond with ridicule and doubt and to attack anyone who comes forward.

I had 3 of these black helicopters pass my own home. Totally black. No markings. Flying at twilight, three of them in a row. The lead copter had the running lights only on… the other 2 copters were totally without any lights whatsoever, in violation of every FAA rule imaginable and this is in a major ATC control area. These copters were flying  just above 50 ft because they were just barely skirting the trees and keeping over the field between the trees as they were certainly flying below radar. I was concerned because they were also below the major power lines which were in the path they were headed. The only reason I saw them (as did a couple other people) was because of the vibration of their rotors which we could feel from inside our homes as they approached. They were only about 50 ft away and about 50 ft high. It was sunset but light enough to see through the cockpits. Running with no markings and no lights except for the tiny running lights on the lead copter only. The other two had zero lights except for the dashboards inside the cockpits. A week later, the three copters returned by the same path. Clearly, they had the area mapped out and had enough radar and technology to keep from hitting something… but just barely. They were staying above the grain fields and grazing land. They also returned the following year. So these black ops unmarked military helicopters are no joke. I’ve seen them. The question is what the hell were they doing here? I can figure out what they were doing in Dulce and they clearly have a hangar door underground near Dulce which is camouflaged to look like a pond. That is how they hide their craft there. I don’t know about the ones which were here.

Any time you see someone being attacked, discredited, intimidated, etc., usually that person is telling the truth and has knowledge of actual events which the gov’t does not want known by the public so they will sick all of their hirelings to attack. Hirelings like MUFON, Shermer, the jerk on UFO Hunters and Friedman who sold out and is now working as an attack dog for the gov’t. You know what his price was… the truth about UFO’s and to continue his Roswell seminars where people pay $700+ to hear him speak. He is a turncoat and cannot be trusted. However, the gov’t hirelings don’t say a world to dispute ridiculous things like crop circles, chupacabra, lake monsters, bigfoot and screwballs who claim they ride around in space vehicles. The gov’t wants people to embrace the ridiculous so they don’t send out their hirelings on these because they create disgust and disbelief among the populace. The only real crop circles are just plain circles where a craft has landed in a field. Those fancy designs are either pranksters or gov’t hirelings trying to create diversions. Do you REALLY think some EBE is going to waste their time drawing pictures in a field of wheat? Seriously? You need to pay attention to the sightings and reports from people who are under vicious attack by people like Shermer or Friedman, etc.

We need to listen to people who place their necks on the line to tell us the truth. People like Phil Corso, Bob Lazar, Phil Schneider, Thomas Castello, Jesse Marcel, Ben Rich, Sal, and the veteran who shared the Alien Autopsy film as well as William Colby. All of these people died within a year except for Lazar whom they utterly destroyed his reputation and his school and work records. He is lucky to be alive. He told the truth. I know this for a fact. My uncle worked at the same place. All of these people told the truth. Martyn Stubbs and Graham Birdsall also paid the price for releasing the NASA videos to the public. Stubbs got a brain cancer and Birdsall died from a brain aneurism. Our gov’t has the capability of using directed microwaves, etc to cause such results. They’ve been causing heart attacks and brain hemorrhages with chemicals since the 1940’s. Now they can do it without touching you unless you Polarize the glass on your windows. They also have satellites which have ground penetrating radar and microwaves and ultraviolet, etc. If you have any doubts, you should get a copy of the USAF annual catalogues which describe these in detail.

The gov’t has trained the public using the influence of the media to attack and eat its own whenever it hears certain words like Conspiracy Theory, etc. Programmed to attack just like Pavlov’s dogs. The CIA also plants their hirelings on blogs and in groups and on the media to intimidate and shout down and ridicule anyone who dares to talk about these things and to cause dissention to disgust and break apart the groups. The FBI claims they have been doing this to UFO groups since the 50’s.

Not only was Phil Schneider murdered, but 22 of his associates were also killed that same year. 11 of which plus Schneider the gov’t claimed were all suicides. Utter BS. Suicides my a$$. Where is the public in their defense?

People need to grow some cajones and start listening to these people who risked their lives to tell us the truth. You have all of the info and proof… you have failed to listen. Just the way the gov’t likes it. Start listening and you will know the truth. Stop being a puppet of the gov’t and remember who they are supposed to be working for.

I have attached several pages from one of the old USAF catalogues. These were used for DOD contractors to bid and for obtaining funding from Congress. I also downloaded the subsequent Congressional budgets which approved the funds for these projects… and more. So all of these items have been in operation for over 15 years now.

This first image is a tunnel boring machine on Nellis AFB.


Here are the USAF catalog items from 1998. All since budgeted and built.



















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EBE’s on Mars   2 comments

Photos included below.

There is a lot more than EBE’s they’ve been hiding on Mars. Your first clue should have been the presence of methane. Methane is produced by bio-organisms… such as people and animals. Sewage, plant decay, garbage, dead lifeforms, etc., are all sources of methane production. Where there is methane, there is life. There is methane on Mars. Anything else they say about it  is a lie. I’m amazed they let that info about the methane get out to the public except those in charge of info control must have been oblivious to the implications. Methane is a clear indicator of life and biological organisms. Beyond that, there is an extensive colony of ebe’s there just like the moon which you can see in the images… if you bother to take the time to look closely. I will show those photos on a separate post. I’m just showing water and creatures on this one. The atmospheric pressure levels and oxygen & nitrogen level reports and satellite feeds to NASA have all been altered to further the belief it is a dead planet. Most of the time, the censors have the images and feeds prepared during the months the orbiter has to travel to Mars. The contractors or designated agent makes a frequency adjustment just before launch of the Mars orbiter, probe or rover so the gov’t contractor receives the real feed and the false feed is then bounced off a satellite on the correct frequency to NASA employees whom assume it to be the original transmission.

Your real shock is going to be the amount of water which has been hidden from you on Mars. Yes, the canals (which are actually rivers) and a full ocean are really on Mars with water. It has just been hidden from you with clever censoring. We will show you how this is done in the images below and show you some genuine photos of the water filled rivers on Mars… surrounded by colonies. They are censoring these images because the public would be clamoring to know more about the life on Mars if they found out there was water… not to mention demanding to know why they’ve been lied to for 40 years. Then we have the elite & 33rd level Freemasons who would have to give up the power & control they possess by their exclusive knowledge of ebe’s on Mars & the moon.  So instead, these secret societies permeating every branch of our gov’t at the highest levels made the decision to make us all believe Mars was a dead planet and the astronomers were all wrong.

I would not be surprised to find that they are feeding false feeds to the NASA rover teams from an earth desert location in Nevada to make them think there is no life on Mars by using a false feed from some fake site in Nevada. The same with the Mars satellite imagery. The feeds are handled by contractors MSSS, CIT, JPL, Lockheed Martin (many are CIA front companies or DOD companies) which alter & censor the feeds and images before the NASA employees ever see them. In some cases, the NSA or other intelligence agencies will force companies to place their agents within their employees to handle specific tasks for the Intelligence Agencies. This is no joke. I have worked with these agents close enough where I could hear them on the phone talking about various assignments & directing other agents in their tasks. Even their bosses and coworkers had no idea what they were doing after the gov’t uses blackmail of removing their revenues or licensing to insert their agents into most major companies and organizations.

Hence, what you don’t know about Mars and the moon is far beyond anything you can imagine. The military has a separate space program with facilities on Mars. I know someone who worked there. This military space program is no secret either. You can see their rockets launching satellites in Florida from their own base on a weekly basis. They also have other launch sites as well. Clearly, too much tax money as well.

In addition to the ebe bases on Mars and the moon, you can also see where we have built small complexes on Mars as well. We have one on each polar region on Mars. So we clearly have human presence there. I have seen it on the imagery as well as a rocket with English lettering on it under construction at the south pole of Mars. We build in squares and rectangles. They do not. They build in round craters. They have these worm systems which carve crater style round areas for mining or building. The difference between an artificial crater and a real one made by an impact is the artificial crater has a flat bottom. Impact craters have bowl shaped or cone shaped bottoms. I have photos of the giant worms in action. They look biological. I don’t know. They are probably mechanical. But earthworms do eat dirt so maybe these giant worms are biological as well. The moon also has these worms. I have photos of them. This is the reason they have so many flat bottomed craters. I am surprised no other scientist has noticed these are flat bottomed craters. Not impact craters.

I have not seen any earth facilities on the moon, although we may have added them by now. These are two different groups of ebes. I will post the imagery as I find the best ones. Most of everything you ever wanted to know is already out on the internet and videos… but they have used hired jackals and skeptics to make you believe otherwise. It is a Pavlov’s dogs type of programming of the public because they have now trained the public to eat it’s own whenever it hears certain words such as “conspiracy theory” or “Alien” or “UFO” and programmed people to act like a pack of wild dogs and automatically attack the person who tries to provide the covert info.

The time lag on images is actually increased when there is a delay in substituting the NASA feeds with edited versions. Often with older sets of pre-edited images. So I believe the NASA employees are being screwed over as much as the rest of us and sent on wild goose chases or false equipment failures or crashes… while the real feeds are handled by the black ops contractors. A “Capricorn one” type of  setup. If you don’t believe it you can see the link to all the direct Mars reconnaissance orbiter images on the Nasa site go directly to the contractors site such as MSSS or JPL.  So don’t yell at NASA. They really believe they are seeing the real deal… just like they thought back in the 60’s. Those that know or suspect are afraid to speak for fear of losing their jobs. Especially since nearly all aerospace jobs are either tied to Nasa, Universities with gov’t grants or DOD industry. If you screw up at one, you are totally exorcized & will end up choosing a new profession out of your field.  Shunning! This is how they manage to keep the information secret. It would be impossible for thousands of NASA employees to keep the gov’t secrets if they all knew the truth.

Although I do have to wonder about the common sense of NASA scientists who store the “supposed” moon gravel and “supposed” Mars meteors wrapped in Aluminum foil. Any neophyte knows that aluminum is a self oxidizing metal which contaminates everything it touches. It also interacts with other metals and causes corrosive action… such as steel or iron which cannot come into contact with aluminum. Even those it does not corrode are still contaminated. I can’t believe they are using aluminum foil to wrap “genuine” precious rocks in a lab. But I saw it twice in NASA’s own labs as they opened the foil and bragged about the contents. So either the rocks are false or the scientists doing this are incompetent and need to be replaced.

The first thing the black ops contractors do with the Mars images is to remove all of the natural colors from the imagery. Black and white. Then they recolorize the entire set of Mars images a false reddish color. Any structures or crafts or other items are either blurred, pixelated, darkened with excess contrast or muddied with color to camouflage the items. When everything is the same color, it is much harder to distinguish the water which normally would be blue. But, once you know what you are looking for you will be able to see the canals which are actually rivers and structures, etc. There are dinosaur sized creatures as well. They look like some type of crustacean. The half gravity is what allows them to grow so large. You might also be surprised to find that the temperatures can get up to the 60’s during the warm season near the equator. But damn cold in winter. There are clouds, snow, rain, etc. One of the lies they used to tell was the polar ice was actually frozen CO2. That was BS. Even I could see that it wasn’t CO2 which is also known as “Dry Ice”. When dry ice melts, it turns to gas, not liquid. Liquid CO2 requires extreme artificial pressure to create. I could easily see melted water all around the ice on the polar regions. Clearly ice and snow…. NOT CO2. I’m an engineer and research scientist but I’m not a geologist or astrophysics expert but when I can clearly see water and the artificially darkened colored bands at the North pole of Mars to hide structures, it makes me wonder about the veracity of the NASA employees on this one unless they are simply afraid to speak up and lose their jobs. The gov’t does keep a tight control on this information. But the number of scientists who could not see this was water and could not figure out the difference between ice and CO2 Dry ice is very disconcerting. It makes me question either their scientific competence or their veracity. To not know the difference between a vary basic issue like this implies we either have some very unintelligent “experts” or very dishonest experts or very fearful experts afraid to speak the truth. Nor is the atmospheric pressure on Mars sufficient enough to create liquid CO2. That would take a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn to produce those pressures or artificial mechanical pressurization.

(I’m not going to use the “official” long names of planetary features on this site because most of the public does not know the names of these features, so we’ll keep it at plain English. They understand North pole rather than Mare Boreum).

This first photo is an example of how NASA censors the images of Mars. This photo is actually the Red sea and the Nile from Google Earth satellite. I removed all the color to black and white and then recolorized it a Mars red. I did nothing else. You can see how the satellite actually sees the bottom geography of the water… not the water itself. But without the color of water… it makes the red sea looks bone dry. You can go onto Google earth and see this image for yourself. You can’t even see the pyramids or cities or farm growth on this image. This is what NASA, ESA, etc., have done to the photos of Mars to hide the water and cities.

Only the first photo is earth. The others are all from Mars.

Example image below of the Earth Red sea & Nile using the same Nasa’s colorized censoring methods they use to make Mars look dead, dry and abandoned.

Nile crop


This next image is a photo of Mars largest river which was seen as a canal by astronomers. If you look closely in the river you can see the difference in texture in the river and the sheen of water in the center of the image and river. There are also structures built along the river where they tried to blur the left area. Nasa removed the color and then recolorized the image the same color to hide the color of water in the Mars Rivers (canals) & oceans. (as I did with the red sea example above). This photo of Mars is unedited. You can clearly see water in the river (canal).

E canal Mars 158

If you look closely, this is the same river on Mars which runs down nearly the entire length of Mars. This is the same river as you see in the above photo with water in it. NASA & ESA removes all coloring to black and white then recolors the entire planet red so that it would hide the blues and greens of water and growth. Ignore the gray patch in the upper right and lower left, that is just a download glitch attempt to block from zooming in further. The horizontal versions of the grand canyon on Mars below also have water in the bottom.

E canal lg Mars 148


I colored the water in the photo below so you could see what the water looks like.

E color canal lg Mars 148

The photo below shows a very large crustacean like creature on Mars with two antenna. I only added the arrow and lightened the false coloring. There is also a pinkish structure on the lower right. The coloring from NASA is false but you can still see it.

E zoom creature Mars 17

I placed some arrows to show a few more crustacean like creatures on Mars. I missed several others in the same photo. Just look closely and you will see other creatures and structures.

E creatures Mars 21

This photo shows the worms on Mars which dig the flat bottomed craters. Probably mechanical worms. But there are also the same type of worms cutting craters into the moon as well. I reduced the false color  NASA & ESA had added and I added arrows and slightly darkened the objects & worms. No other editing. This is on the southpole of Mars. Probably snow instead of sand but the false coloring has altered its appearance. NASA had been trying to hide snow and water on Mars but were outed in Oct 2006 by an independent scientist. The following week, NASA claimed the satellite had stopped working. We all know it didn’t… but perhaps it was the gov’t contractors who stopped the feed. Keeping in mind, they altered the original frequency so NASA never receives the actual feed. Only the altered edited version.

E worms Mars 67



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Ebe’s on the moon

When Col Philip Corso wrote his book, he mentioned the buildings they saw on the upper right corner of the moon when the first images came back on the very first Nasa Lunar orbiter in the 60’s which caused the Army to cancel their moonbase Project Horizon. I looked at images of the moon where Corso indicated and I found a plethora of interesting objects which speak for themselves.

I have inserted satellite photos of the moon below. Each of these images is either from the original Clementine Lunar Orbiter US Navy Research Lab website or from NASA. I obtained these directly from the original sites. No third parties. I understand they may have removed some of these images since… but they never get everything. I made copies of all the photos of the entire surface of the moon and mars before they removed the areas they missed censoring.

This photo has not been edited. This is the way it appears on the US Navy’s Clementine Lunar satellite website. They blurred the structure in the image.

E lt crop Orig Copy W35

This is another Clementine photo. The rectangular mining area is not a photo mosaic. You can see this same region on every other satellite image of the area taken by different countries imaging systems. It is NOT a result of a photo collage. I did add the arrows to point out interesting details and areas the Navy blurred. The larger you view the image, the more objects you can see.

E mk crop Orig Copy section B7

This is an image of a vent on the southpole, again from Clementine satellite… but there is a much better photo of it below from nasa.

E Moon southpole facility S

Here is the vent again on a Nasa image, and a second building located at the lunar southpole. I only added the arrows and the tint. The rest is original from the original websites.

E Vents

This is a craft sitting on the lunar surface from the Clementine website. This is the original image with no editing. Note the shadows under the craft.

E saucer crop

These are interesting buildings on the moon. They are circular white with one side cut flat. There are dozens of them spread out across the moon. Each one has different hieroglyphic writing on top and are usually surrounded by various crafts. I believe they are some type of supply station… like a truck stop for ebe’s craft. The different markings are used for navigation & location designations. Like putting numbers on top.  You can see the crafts in this photo if you look closely enough but the Navy muddied them over to blend in with the ground. Look closely and you will see the shapes.

E writing section 34

Believe what you want. These are genuine. I personally copied these images from the US Navy’s clementine website and from NASA’s website. They are unedited originals except for the arrows and the tint on the one photo.

Take a look at the Rendlesham AFB hieroglyphs copied from the UFO craft by the military who responded that night… the triangle symbol with the circle in particular. The Pyramid represents the grey Ebe’s. The large circle on the bottom right is the earth, the other smaller circle is the orbiting moon. This is the ebe logo the Greys use for their earth colony base (on the moon). You will see a lot of corporations using different takes on this logo. The 4th image on the top represents humans. The 2nd image is an Egyptian hieroglyph which means “Keep guard over” or “Shepherd”. It is also a tool to open the mouth of a mummy. I included the  identification for the symbols I recognized.




Here is a DARPA logo below. Darpa is the US Army’s black project research & development division. Also the same ones who like to reverse engineer. Darpa thought it would be cute to use the EBE logo. They omitted the moon to designate the earth base location.  If you ever wondered what the “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid meant… it is the symbol those in the know use (such as the 33rd highest level freemasons) to depict the Ebe’s on the moon always watching us. The ebe’s are only here to do mining.  The moon contains a pure form of aluminum not found on earth which they use in constructing their craft. The moon also has a vast supply of Helium 3 and other minerals. They really don’t care about our politics unless we start contaminating their water and food supplies such as when we were doing the nuke tests and they flew over Washington DC in formation and other areas a couple times to express their disdain when they saw our gov’t building the first Hydrogen bomb in 1952.

Hence compare this Darpa logo with the Rendlesham hieroglyphics and you will begin to understand the meanings.

The ebe’s come to earth for water and supplies which is why there are so many sightings at lake Michigan and Wisconsin. They make several trips per week to obtain water from the lak which is why they are seen in the water. Lake Michigan is not an underwater base, it is a water supply for their moon colony operations… among other lakes.


Unfortunately, when the ebe craft descend and depart from the water over the great lakes, oceans and other sites… whether to fill the water tanks or obtain marine life, they often create large waves which have been known to sink ships and cause our aircraft to crash. Thus, this creates the Triangles in various locations where they frequent. Some of their ships are quite large. As large as 8 miles according to the scale on the Navy Clementine website which are used as water tankers, etc. Although they don’t use faster than light speeds except in open space, they still enter and depart the earth at rapid speeds exceeding 9000 mph and their Electromagnetic fields can cause disruption to electrical grids or earth craft and vessels, so the EBE’s use the Pacific Triangle, Bermuda Triangle and Michigan Lake triangle for their entries and departures to create the least disruptions and use slower speeds and rural areas as much as possible. These ebe crafts sometimes cause rogue waves and aerial wake disturbances which overwhelms and causes the loss of our crafts when we encounter them. Unfortunately, our selfish gov’t refuses to issue cautions to our craft about the EBE vessels frequenting these areas. Keeping their secrets is much more important to our gov’t than human lives.

You will see a lot of corporations using different takes on the ebe logo. Usually those corporations which were founded or run by 33rd level masons. This is why the freemasons tie everything to Egypt which was  the ebe main earth base for mining gold for their electronics and other things. We were developed as the laborers because they are intolerant of our strong gravity and heavy oxygen which is why their bases are on the moon and they are so frail and grayish. They are located all over the Lunar surface especially on the right side, the south pole, north pole and the far side of the moon.  The ebe’s are unemotional like the Borg. A hive mindset. So they have no interest in our activities or politics or feelings unless we interfere with their operations. They don’t want to be friends. We need to get over our self centered opinion of our importance in the universe. They could wipe us out in a minute. But as long as we leave them alone and do not contaminate or harm their water and supplies or disturb their operations, they will leave us alone. Never approach one. They do not want to be friends. There are also several different races. There is another group which resides on Mars. Just wait until you see what we’ve been hiding there.

But our corrupt elite who run the show, tend to get greedy. They will likely not leave the ebe’s alone and will try to continue to shoot them down. The USSR used to get into aerial dog fights with them and the ebe’s were quite hostile about shooting back. The US is no better with our Blue Fly teams. We even killed a regiment of Mexican soldiers to get our hands on a UFO which landed in their own country. But we make sure the leaders of most leading countries are hand picked by our elite to cooperate despite heinous actions like that. Their elections are no more honest than ours are… which are all rigged now. Unfortunately, it is the little people who will pay for irritating the ebe’s. They don’t differentiate between which of us are good or bad.

Only the top echelon of the Freemasons know the full story.  The Freemason and elite secret clubs control the governments and most of the major corporations as well. Even President Carter could not get the info about UFO’s from Bush Senior who was over the CIA at the time because Carter wasn’t a member of the elite. I would have fired Bush for that if it had been me. That was Carter’s one failing. Too decent and not strong enough. The ebe bases on the moon and their ties to the Egyptians and other mining bases they constructed across the planet such as Puma Punku, etc., is the big secret the Freemasons 33rd levels have been keeping for hundreds of years. It gives them power and greed and control by keeping the masses dumb and the economy running smoothly. Knowledge is power and control. They will also go out of their way to discredit anyone and any  info they do not want made public.


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