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I have seen dinosaur sized giant earthworms, scorpions & snails on Mars but I never expected to find a cockroach the size of a football field in one of their habitations. This isn’t a full sized city like I’ve seen on other Mars locations. It is more like a small compound. Mars also uses their artificial craters for defense when they are under attack. We have seen one of their wars here on earth on the Nuremberg etching of an air battle in the 1500’s. I’ve also seen one Mars city devastated by a flood. These images take time to prepare to remove the censoring. But I thought this image with the 100 yard sized bugs should be seen first. Just a guess on the size based on the surrounding craft. The palmetto bugs in the US are bad enough at 3 inches. Imagine these giant bugs wandering around.

There are 3 giant bugs in this image of Mars. I placed Red arrows to point out the bug standing & the second one flying. The standing bug is easiest to view. If you look closely you can see fine legs & antenna on the left bug. If not cockroaches, perhaps big lightning bugs. The right bug is flying & hard to make out if you are not experienced with satellite imagery. I’ve been doing this for 20 years so I’m very skilled at recognizing objects in satellite imagery. Notice how big these bugs are in comparison to the nearby craft. I removed the false color & used shading on the craft, However, I did not touch the bugs because I did not want to damage the delicate legs & antenna on the left bug. Look very closely to see its details.  The right bug is flying so difficult to distinguish. I just noticed the rear of a third bug attempting to crawl inside a hangar in the top center of the photo. All you see is the rear & 2 legs.

13 Mars City Bugs mk

Below is the same image as is originally appears on Google Earth-mars. All of the censor false color & shading is intact in this original which I have not edited. This was cropped from a much larger photo. The larger image was downloaded at the highest resolution & further increased to 347 dpi to enlarge the features without loss of resolution. You can still see the bugs without any enhancement or editing. There also appears to be a 3rd bug from the rear at the upper center of the image, attempting to crawl inside an underground hangar. It appears our Mars neighbors don’t believe in eliminating insects even when they are big enough to eat you.

13 WXOR CR Bugs Mars City

These are some kind of segmented wormsor larvae below which they use to carve out the artificial craters. I’ve seen these in many artificial craters on Mars & the moon. They apparently ingest soil like our earthworms. You can also see manmade structures in this photo. Mars also has gigantic Earthworms a mile long. I will show them in a separate photo. Both can be found at the mars South pole. Mare austral. I removed the false censor redoing & used a contrast tool to bring out the details.

E worms Mars 67

This is some kind of giant snail below.

E zoom creature Mars 17

This looks more like a slug.

01B crater worm

Here are some of those Earthworms at least a mile long at the south pole of Mars. I guess we should call them Marsworms instead of Earthworms. You can see two worms on the left side. I removed the false censor color & used contrast tools to bring out the structures. When lightening the censor brown shading, it tends to turn pink or red. When darkening, it tends to turn objects gold because I only remove 80% of the false censor color to allow for some tone.

114 crop Mars Earthworms








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