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I should think the public would be getting tired of pouring billions of dollars down NASA’s drain & those of their contractors every year for the past 55+ years just so the privileged few can have their personal playground at our expense while lying about everything they have discovered.

It has taken great effort for those of us who have spent thousands of hours pouring through the satellite images to find the truth where the censors missed, so the public could see what is really on Mars and the moon.

I think it is time we put a stop to this farce by the privileged few who are basically stealing our tax dollars for lies. They’ve not only pulled this farce on the public, there are less than a handful of gov’t officials who are in the loop on the actual truths while pulling the wool over the eyes of the Congress. If you remember, Bush Sr, when he was over the  CIA, told President Carter that he did not have a NEED to know… when Carter asked about UFO’s & EBE’s as President. He should have fired him on the spot. The entire CIA needs to be disbanded as well. They are at the core of orchestrating these lies and image censoring. Only the removal of their funds will put a stop to this.

NASA has abused trillions of dollars to have their personal access to space exploration while lying to the public & withholding the information about the colonization of Mars & the Moon by other intelligent species. These EBE colonies have been there for over 50,000 years.  The truth is in the photos where their censors missed a few spots. These photos all came directly from the websites of NASA, ESA, USGS, US Navy & Google Earth-Mars. The US Gov’t is so powerful, they also blackmail other countries to withhold  their EBE info as well by holding their loans and debts over the heads of the countries and their space agencies. Our CIA sends their jackals like MUFON to eliminate any witnesses like they did to the Brazilian military officer who was strangled just a couple weeks after MUFON interviewed him about the attacks on the coastal village and all the evidence he had collected.

I think it is time we put a stop to both NASA and CIA’s abuse of our money for their personal self gratification. If NASA’s  executives will not be more forthcoming about the truth, then NASA needs to be completely defunded. It is not the fault of the employees. They are being deceived as well. It is the policy of the gov’t & NASA’s execs & contractors such as MSSS & JPL who are controlled by black ops in censoring & obscuring the data from the public & NASA employees which can no longer be tolerated. It is time to create an independent space agency to obtain the uncensored images of Mars & the moon so we can see these realities in full, uncensored color. The other commercial space company has been besieged by the military & NSA sabotaging their launches & orbital flights with EMP & satellite particle beams , as well as black ops moles within their employees to prevent them from achieving success with their projects.

Why should we keep pouring money into an Agency controlled by the gov’t, military, NSA & CIA who will only take the money & keep on lying to the public about their findings. It  is time to shut off the funding to NASA. We also need to shut off the Military funding for their black ops space program. I know someone in high positions for both NASA & the Military space programs. Why should we pay for lies & fancy multibillion dollar toys. If you would look at the annual Space budgets approved by the Senate for NASA & military space programs you would be horrified at the trillions wasted each year. I have copies of the budgets & aerospace devices. I will try to upload when I get a chance. They are available to the public one year after the budget has been approved.

It is time we cut off their trillions in  wasted spending. Just think of the lower taxes & funding for Medicare & Social security we would have without NASA & the military space waste. We are not benefitting from it. Mars has huge rivers & oceans they have been hiding for over 45 years. I found images of these amazing discoveries which I personally downloaded directly from these space agencies which contain these details their censors missed. They also use false red coloring to obscure the water sources & plant growth & clear views of living intelligent beings inhabiting both Mars and the Moon.  I’m  endeavoring to upload these as fast as I can so you can see for yourselves the lies they have told us & why they should be defunded.

I’m not blaming the employees at NASA. Too many people attack employees who have no idea they are being misled. The general employee population are victims of deception like the rest of us. Only a handful of executives, high placed scientists and black ops employees at MSSS and other contractors have seen the uncensored images of Mars. The images are being routed to the censors on a classified frequency unbeknownst to NASA’s project employees. Then the censors upload the modified images which are retransmitted to NASA on their frequency. They have done similar things to fool the mission control employees. I used to know one of the NASA mission Directors from the 60’s. I know how a false signal and data were bounced to the mission control employees. I think it was less than 5 people at the highest levels who knew the real story. So don’t lay all of this on the employees. They really believe what they are doing and have no idea that they are being fooled by a very elaborate black ops censor set up to prevent them from seeing what is really there.

You may not know that Astronaut Grissom’s family believe he was killed with his two fellow astronauts in that capsule fire while they were simply practicing their flight. It has been said that Grissom refused to go along with NASA’s deception to the public and was killed for it. If that doesn’t grab your attention, did you know that the NASA mission control director quit his job just 2 weeks before the first moon landing launch? The employees are not in the loop on any of this but the public can’t seem to understand this. They assume if someone works at NASA, that employee knows everything that occurs at NASA. They don’t. Nor are the employees and scientists of NASA infallible. I constantly see them making errors all the time. Some errors are clear incompetency such as wrapping their moon rocks in aluminum foil. Any engineer can tell you that aluminum is a self oxidizing metal which transfers to any metal it comes in contact with and causes many metals to corrode after contact with aluminum. So why would anyone with any sense at all wrap their supposedly precious moon rocks in aluminum foil? I know they are aware of this issue because I told them about it years ago. Then there is the issue with the orbit of Asteroid 2002 AA29. That was the biggest BS I’ve ever seen. They are either deliberately lying or completely incapable of doing their job. The quality of skilled professionals has severely dropped since 2000. I’ve seen it in my own profession as an Engineer, Exec and Scientist.

This is not the reason I believe NASA should be defunded but the public should also be aware of NASA’s employees fallibility and increasing incompetency. They are merely riding on the fact that they work for NASA as their credentials. I’m sure everyone has run into incompetent boobs where they work. Did you really think NASA and their contractors are any different? It is poor, declining education, poor work ethics and poor work attitudes which have affected the work force for the past 15 years. There is a shortage of quality engineers and scientists with high skills, expertise and work ethics, so most companies have been going overseas to foreign countries to find the skillsets they need rather than our US employee base which plays on the internet or texting all day and get stoned every night. We are lucky to get 30 minutes of real work out of them in a full day. I know more than a dozen corporations who went out of business because they could not find qualified, competent employees with good work habits. However, at the same time, these companies had laid off all of their high dollar skilled engineers & scientists and replaced them with low paid kids fresh out of college with no expertise whatsoever. Even Bell Labs did this and came within a hair of going bankrupt about 12 years ago. I had to go in as a consultant to retrain their employees on technologies which Bell Labs had developed… but their replacement employers were not using and causing their designs to be fraught with maladies. NASA is like this, but their problem is even worse because they compartmentalize their employees like the gov’t and military where they are restricted to a piece of a project and the heavy secrecy codes prevent them from exchanging ideas with fellow employees. This destroys creativity and troubleshooting and prevents brainstorming  and sharing skills that might have come up with new developments or to fix problems. This will hopefully give you an insiders view of NASA employees and some of the problems. While most of them are not at fault for the lying… the public needs to know they should not be elevated upon a pedestal either. Nor should the public take their word for anything of consequence since it will either be based on lies they are unaware of or the accuracy of their information is based on a poorly qualified employee erroneous assessment. On example is the fact that none of them have noticed the craters on Mars are nearly all artificial and could not have been made by a meteor or asteroid or any other natural means.

We have paid for their personal playground long enough. They will never tell the truth unless forced to do so by removing their funding. Everyone should become involved to force this defunding of all space programs as long as they continue to lie to the public. We need to shut down their personal playground at our expense.






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