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Active Life on Mars   Leave a comment

Vapor trails are proof of life on Mars. They can be seen all over the planet. The censors can’t catch them all.  Sometimes, you can see a craft at the head of a vapor trail.  This photo I downloaded from Google Earth Mars has dozens of vapor trails caused by the inhabitants flying their craft. The best ones are in the lower left corner. There are also structures. I recommend copying the photo so you can look at it larger.

I also included 2 enlargements.

The blue arrows point to vapor trails.

The green arrows point to shadows of those vapor trails which give you the sense of height.

The red arrows point at artificially stacked rows of boulders which could not possibly have been placed there naturally. There are gated gaps between the boulders for access. I think they are trying to keep something out or in. I’ve seen huge dinosaur sized creatures on the surface. I suspect that’s what they are blocking out or corralling. It may also explain why they create so many artificial craters where they live underground. The crater rim keeps out the creatures & provides a protected courtyard. Also from the wind as well as the creatures. Not everyone lives in a crater home.  They also have large cities.

You need to copy & enlarge the resolution to see better. The lower left corner is best for vapor trails & structures. Boulders are in the left center.

 Here is an enlarged lower left corner section.

 Here is an enlarged section showing the rows of boulders.





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Mars EBE Crafts & Pyramids   Leave a comment

Most of the cities on Mars are inhabited. There is one which was abandoned after a flashflood. I will post the city images on a different article. However, one of the bottom craft images also contains portions of a city.

We will begin with the crafts and objects to help accustom your eyes to looking at the Mars scape.

On one of my other posts, you can see water in the rivers on Mars. All of the cities and rivers, lakes and oceans have been censored so you can’t see them. You can see all of this for yourself on the original sites for the space agencies or Google earth Mars. Just remember, always use the highest resolution when saving images. When you enlarge images, use photoshop and increase the DPI resolution. Never increase physical size or use standard zoom to increase size because those methods will distort the images. Only increase the DPI. Also, try to look at areas which have not been covered by a high yellow blur plate. It is very difficult to recover a blurred image section. I have some below where you can see the effects of the censors blurring the images. Reducing the heavy false color will also help. The censors use the false colors to make everything look like a red desert. The false color also obscures the water in the Rivers and hides the plant growth. I can see many areas which are covered by what looks like trees and other plants… but the censors turned everything red to distort it. If you look at the old global images of Mars, you will see huge areas of blue. Only water is blue except for a couple precious stones like Sapphire, turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.

If you look carefully, you can see a faint vapor trail behind some of their craft.

Most of these Images come from Google-Earth-Mars which get their images from ESA, NASA, USGS, etc. As I’ve previously mentioned these space agencies go to a great deal of trouble to conceal the Mars cities using shading, heavy false color, blurring, pixilation, substitute images, etc. But they can’t hide everything. You have to train your eyes to recognize their structures. They don’t build in grids or use roads. Few of their buildings are rectangular. Most are round. They also have underground habitats in the artificial craters. I have also seen them using the artificial craters for defense & protection during wars.

The crafts are many different shapes. Some are triangular, some are spherical, some are saucers. They also use what appear to be planes & rockets. It has been said the saucers do not handle well in atmosphere. We have found gold airplane jewelry in ancient Columbia on Earth when they used to reside there. The inhabitants of Mars originated from Pleiades. They are said to be 8-10 ft tall. They lived on Earth in ancient Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, Iceland, etc. They are the source of the giant Greek gods such as Zeus, Diana, Neptune, etc.

I have the unedited originals of these images. I reduced the heavy color & heavy contrast on some. I also used a contrast tool to bring out the details on some. I did not add anything. This is the real Mars which has been hidden from us. Our politicians believe they are the only elite who should have this info and use the pathetic excuse of Orson Wells 1939 radio show reaction. The public reacted because the radio show was performed as news bulletins breaking into the show & reporting an invasion slaughtering citizens street by street & destroying the military who were helpless to defend against them. It was not the EBE’s (aliens) the people feared. It was the radio news broadcasts saying they were under deadly invasion. The public would have done the very same if the radio program had stated the invaders were Russians or some other terrorists slaughtering  their neighbors & military, it would have been the same reaction. They trusted their radio news to tell them the truth. Not false news broadcasts about invaders, regardless of their species. Any sane person would fear for their family when the news stated they were under invasion. Even if it was Russians instead of aliens. So to use this excuse is a false premise.

The gov’t only needs to introduce them peacefully in small dose over a few weeks. Such as Roswell & any meetings & interactions the gov’t has had. Then their colonies on mars & then lastly the moon. If they demonstrate the EBE’s have been here for 50,000 years peacefully, then the public will accept them. Especially when they tell the public they only come to Earth for water & supplies. But the public should be taught caution about retaliations if they approach or shoot or the EBE’s.

We will begin with some easy to recognize  objects on Mars. Here is a jet on the south pole of Mars. It has not been edited except to reduce the heavy colors.

013 WXCR MARS city Bl Jet

This is a different kind of craft. Like a shuttle in flight.

010 CR Mars City craft

This looks like a jet tilted nose downward. It is difficult to see.

016 WXCR Mars City Jet craft

This is a tiny piece of a Mars city. I reduced the heavy colors and used a contrast tool to bring out the shapes. I also added red arrows to point out certain craft. Some have a faint vapor trail behind which shows they are in flight. They tried to darken out half of a spherical craft to make it look like a crater… but it is a sphere in flight. I removed as much of the censor darkening from it as I was able. The left side of the image was obscured by censors with a yellow blur plate. I repaired as much as I could. The two dark strips are where hi res satellite images were imbedded. There are a lot more city details which I did not bring out with the contrast tool. But you can see it if you look closely enough.

49 CR2 mk craft city

Here is the untouched unedited original of the same photo with the heavy color and shading by the censors. This is the original how it appears from the official imagery which you can compare with the photo above where I tried to clean it up and reduce the colors.

49 CROR craft city

Here is a Pyramid on Mars. Nothing has been done except reducing the heavy colors.

47 Pyramid

Here is the original from a different viewpoint.

001 WXOR MARS pyramid



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