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At first, I thought this was a river. The censors had darkened it. Then my eyes caught sight of the tide. This is clearly an ocean coastline on Mars. Much of their oceans are frozen on the surface & thaw somewhat in the summer.

I removed the false coloring & censor darkening & used a contrast tool to bring out details.

The red arrow points to the tide.   This is a shoreline beach. Those are craft in flight not craters. There are fisheries to the left. The nets look like ladders. Above the beach, you can see lines in the sand which show how high the water has been in the past. I suspect the tide is out on this summer photo of Mars. I don’t know how 2 small moons affect the tides.

 This is a frozen fractured ice ocean on the right side of the photo. The land on the left has cliffs which border the ocean..

The gov’t (namely the CIA) doesn’t want anyone to know about the water, cities & inhabitants on Mars & the moon. The CIA needs to be disbanded like JFK wanted to do. This are VERY bad people who kill foreign leaders, overthrow gov’ts & use our citizens for terrible deadly experiments. They also create false flag attacks & phony terror groups to fuel American outrage for warmongering. This is all documented & testified to congress by former CIA directors. They also control what you know about EBE’s. They also control & kill our own presidents. Why are they still in business?







Posted March 22, 2017 by mmc7 in Mars

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