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Clearly, there are genuine UFO sightings and incidents, but there are also plenty of major events which have been misidentified. We also need to understand that the UFO’s and EBE’s who operate them are NOT here to help or guide us. I cringe every time I hear the fool on Ancient Aliens talking about them being here to help and guide us. The EBE’s have ZERO interest in our welfare. Remember what Colonel Philip Corso said? Our gov’t cannot control them. They are highly dangerous and we should run the other way as fast as we can if we should encounter one. Remember the horrific injuries sustained by Schneider when he encountered the aliens in the caverns beneath Dulce? Or the horror chambers of humans captive under Dulce as seen by Castello who has since disappeared?

The reason we see UFO’s so often is because they have a vast colony of hundreds of thousands of Grays colonizing the moon. These are dangerous creatures who have been resident on our moon for over 50,000 years. This is the secret the gov’t is afraid the public will find out… not to mention their complicity in allowing these creatures to torture and experiment on humans in exchange for technology. The Grays do not like the heavy gravity and thick oxygen of earth which is also evident by their frail muscle development and their gray coloring. This is also why they preferred high altitudes like Puma Punku where the oxygen levels are thinner. This is also the reason they needed a slave force to do the mining on Earth.

The reason we see them so often, especially in certain places like Wisconsin near the great lakes is because the Grays send their tanker ships here every few days to obtain water from Lake Michigan and other freshwater lakes to supply their bases on the Moon. They are NOT using an underwater base. They do NOT like high pressure or heavy gravity. They are simply getting shiploads of water for the lunar colonies on a regular basis. They prefer to use large lakes where there is low population. They try to avoid us as often as possible. They also pick up organic supplies for food, etc. Check out the moon photos on this same site. As for underwater bases, our Navy has completely mapped the entire ocean floor with their hydrographic survey vessels since the 1950’s. My ex used to be on one of those ships. We also have satellites mapping the entire ocean floor and every other land or water source on the planet. Just look at Google earth. We even have satellites which can see bunkers beneath the earth with our satellite ground penetrating radar. The public is sadly out of date on the technologies which are not even secret… let alone the technologies which are secret. The most amusing thing is the public is so clueless that they don’t believe the technologies which are known… because of their preprogrammed mindset. They let loudmouth gov’t hirelings who hang out on blogs to intimidate and shut down everyone, do their thinking for them.

As far as the UFO’s over nuclear sites… as in 1952, they flew across Washington DC and other areas in a group to express their disdain for our contaminating their water and food supplies with fallout from our above ground nuclear tests. In 52, they saw us building the Ivy Mike hydrogen bomb on Enewetak and were trying to stop us from contaminating the planet. Of course, we didn’t get the message. This is also why they started messing with nuclear missile sites, tests, etc. To stop our insanity which was affecting their source of supplies. They are NOT collecting nuclear energy. They are concerned about our crappy management of nuclear plants and weapons.  That is what they are checking. The EBE’s use element 115 for their reactors which is not found on our planet. We were only able to produce a few atoms in the Cern accelerator. However, we have several hundred pounds of it which we obtained from various crafts we captured. But they don’t need any nuclear materials from us.

Additionally, the military space program is NOT a secret. To hear MUFON make these statements is patently absurd. The USAF has their own rocket launch site in Florida and their space control center is located at Peterson AFB in Colorado. The USAF publishes their space weapons, space satellites and space vehicles in their annual budget catalogue which they use to request money from Congress. I have copies of these. I will post some pages from the catalogues below. They also launch their experimental vehicles from S-4. This was under the control of Naval Intelligence as was A51 through 2005 at which time Bush changed the control of all military space programs from Naval Intelligence to the USAF. So I assume that may have changed the command structure at S-4 and A51 to the USAF as well. I have also seen our rockets on Mars. The full sized Saturn 5 type rockets at the Mars south pole and a clearly human facility near the Mars north pole… but we also have EBE’s residing there as well. Long before we ever arrived with their own unique structures. Check out the mars photos on this site. I will add more soon… when I get a chance.

The deaths of birds and fish in Missouri are NOT from UFO’s. How ridiculous can you get? Natural gas and other toxic gases underground are completely odorless. The odors you recognize are added after processing at the plant. When these gases are released they are deadly, especially to wildlife which is why they used to test mines with canaries. There are several reasons why these gases are released. Seismic activity, broken pipelines and the activities from our gov’t using the TBM’s to drill the underground tunnels linking the shelters, USAF bases and key metro areas for the maglev trains used by politicians, military and the elite. These are not theories. I know people who worked on these projects and have photos of the TBMs they used. These could easily cause toxic gases to be released. The TBM tunnel process also causes low level earthquakes below 4.1 which you can track using the earthquake icons and dates on Google earth (although they did remove some of the icons when I posted how to trace the tunnels).

Kecksburg, PA. This was the Russian Cosmos 96(?) probe which failed. We claimed it crashed in Canada several hours earlier… and if you believe that, we have some worthless swamp land to sell. Think about it. This was the exact size and shape of the Cosmos nosecone. If you have seen Russian lettering, some farmer could easily mistake the Russian symbols for hieroglyphics. It certainly was not big enough to hold a crew and the timing coincided with the Russian Venus probe. Our gov’t are like a bunch of magpies trying to get their hands on any technology by any means and did not want the Russians to know we had it in our possession. The same with Roswell which is why they retracted their statement about the saucer & changed to a weather balloon. They did not want Stalin to know we had a UFO… so they lied about the weather balloon to throw off the Russians. We also did the same thing when we snatched a UFO out of Mexico and the Mexican troops ended up dead… we supposedly even used a small suitcase nuke to wipe out the evidence. Clearly, our gov’t is out of control and the public needs to remember we are paying their salaries and they are supposed to be working for us. We need to regain control.

Phoenix lights. There was indeed a UFO in Phoenix, but not the ones most people “thought” they saw. The actual UFO was on the other side of the mountain from Phoenix in a rural valley area near a highway. The USAF dropped a load of flares over Phoenix to divert the public’s attention away from the UFO… and it worked. Everyone was looking at the flares and only a few saw the actual UFO. The gov’t pulled this same thing over Ohio. Dropping flares to distract onlookers and photos to the flares and away from the real UFO. So the next time you see a string of lights illuminate… start looking around for the real UFO… likely in the opposite direction. This is a deliberate ploy they use and no one seems to have caught on yet.

MUFON is a CIA front company where they have gov’t hirelings there to collect and manage the information and control the investigators whom each pay over $5000 for the training and licenses. They are also taught to intimidate witnesses and use polygraphs to discredit or frighten them… unbeknownst to the investigators, the polygraph expert is a CIA hireling who has fixed the machine to produce false results… hence making the witness look like a liar. They go out of their way to find fault with every piece of info no matter how much evidence because MUFON trains them that way and actually “licenses” them to have full control by declaring themselves the licensing authority. One such case which comes to mind was the UFO assaults on the rural Brazil village where their military was involved taking photos and diagrams and testimony and observing and filming the incidents for months. The officer in charge gave a  video testimony before he was found murdered and the Brazil gov’t actually gave them access to the  hundreds of documents, photos and films including the very records the officer had described. They also had the doctor’s testimony and medical records and testimony and photos of victims and the craft. But that wasn’t good enough for the MUFON team who claimed it lacked scientific evidence. They DID have scientific evidence by the hundreds from the gov’t, military, doctors, victims, soldiers, film, photos, diagrams and documentation from every aspect imaginable. But that wasn’t good enough for the MUFON disinfo CIA hirelings.

Then there was the real joke when MUFON investigators saw and filmed a black military helicopter near Dulce, followed it, couldn’t enter the ranch area… and then claimed there was no proof of military presence and gave up… what the hell was the black helicopter everyone saw, if not proof of military presence? This is the kind of crap MUFON pulls. They only give you just enough to capture your interest and then slam you with doubts about the credibility at the end. You are all being programmed with these shows to respond with ridicule and doubt and to attack anyone who comes forward.

I had 3 of these black helicopters pass my own home. Totally black. No markings. Flying at twilight, three of them in a row. The lead copter had the running lights only on… the other 2 copters were totally without any lights whatsoever, in violation of every FAA rule imaginable and this is in a major ATC control area. These copters were flying  just above 50 ft because they were just barely skirting the trees and keeping over the field between the trees as they were certainly flying below radar. I was concerned because they were also below the major power lines which were in the path they were headed. The only reason I saw them (as did a couple other people) was because of the vibration of their rotors which we could feel from inside our homes as they approached. They were only about 50 ft away and about 50 ft high. It was sunset but light enough to see through the cockpits. Running with no markings and no lights except for the tiny running lights on the lead copter only. The other two had zero lights except for the dashboards inside the cockpits. A week later, the three copters returned by the same path. Clearly, they had the area mapped out and had enough radar and technology to keep from hitting something… but just barely. They were staying above the grain fields and grazing land. They also returned the following year. So these black ops unmarked military helicopters are no joke. I’ve seen them. The question is what the hell were they doing here? I can figure out what they were doing in Dulce and they clearly have a hangar door underground near Dulce which is camouflaged to look like a pond. That is how they hide their craft there. I don’t know about the ones which were here.

Any time you see someone being attacked, discredited, intimidated, etc., usually that person is telling the truth and has knowledge of actual events which the gov’t does not want known by the public so they will sick all of their hirelings to attack. Hirelings like MUFON, Shermer, the jerk on UFO Hunters and Friedman who sold out and is now working as an attack dog for the gov’t. You know what his price was… the truth about UFO’s and to continue his Roswell seminars where people pay $700+ to hear him speak. He is a turncoat and cannot be trusted. However, the gov’t hirelings don’t say a world to dispute ridiculous things like crop circles, chupacabra, lake monsters, bigfoot and screwballs who claim they ride around in space vehicles. The gov’t wants people to embrace the ridiculous so they don’t send out their hirelings on these because they create disgust and disbelief among the populace. The only real crop circles are just plain circles where a craft has landed in a field. Those fancy designs are either pranksters or gov’t hirelings trying to create diversions. Do you REALLY think some EBE is going to waste their time drawing pictures in a field of wheat? Seriously? You need to pay attention to the sightings and reports from people who are under vicious attack by people like Shermer or Friedman, etc.

We need to listen to people who place their necks on the line to tell us the truth. People like Phil Corso, Bob Lazar, Phil Schneider, Thomas Castello, Jesse Marcel, Ben Rich, Sal, and the veteran who shared the Alien Autopsy film as well as William Colby. All of these people died within a year except for Lazar whom they utterly destroyed his reputation and his school and work records. He is lucky to be alive. He told the truth. I know this for a fact. My uncle worked at the same place. All of these people told the truth. Martyn Stubbs and Graham Birdsall also paid the price for releasing the NASA videos to the public. Stubbs got a brain cancer and Birdsall died from a brain aneurism. Our gov’t has the capability of using directed microwaves, etc to cause such results. They’ve been causing heart attacks and brain hemorrhages with chemicals since the 1940’s. Now they can do it without touching you unless you Polarize the glass on your windows. They also have satellites which have ground penetrating radar and microwaves and ultraviolet, etc. If you have any doubts, you should get a copy of the USAF annual catalogues which describe these in detail.

The gov’t has trained the public using the influence of the media to attack and eat its own whenever it hears certain words like Conspiracy Theory, etc. Programmed to attack just like Pavlov’s dogs. The CIA also plants their hirelings on blogs and in groups and on the media to intimidate and shout down and ridicule anyone who dares to talk about these things and to cause dissention to disgust and break apart the groups. The FBI claims they have been doing this to UFO groups since the 50’s.

Not only was Phil Schneider murdered, but 22 of his associates were also killed that same year. 11 of which plus Schneider the gov’t claimed were all suicides. Utter BS. Suicides my a$$. Where is the public in their defense?

People need to grow some cajones and start listening to these people who risked their lives to tell us the truth. You have all of the info and proof… you have failed to listen. Just the way the gov’t likes it. Start listening and you will know the truth. Stop being a puppet of the gov’t and remember who they are supposed to be working for.

I have attached several pages from one of the old USAF catalogues. These were used for DOD contractors to bid and for obtaining funding from Congress. I also downloaded the subsequent Congressional budgets which approved the funds for these projects… and more. So all of these items have been in operation for over 15 years now.

This first image is a tunnel boring machine on Nellis AFB.


Here are the USAF catalog items from 1998. All since budgeted and built.




















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