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I cleaned up this post & deleted half the text. I was very tired from long hours of working on this imagery when I first created this post & also had computer format issues.

Many photos of artificial craters on Mars are included below. Craters with polygon shapes, flat sides, shallow flat bottoms, etc. which could not possibly have been created naturally such as the Richardson crater… which isn’t a crater at all. In fact, all of the space agencies are trying to bury images of the Richardson crater or only show a partial slice or strip image of the crater to hide the entire shape which was clearly manually excavated around the outer perimeter in the shape of a stop sign.

I’m willing to bet that no one has ever taken time to notice that the crater formations on Mars and the moon are not natural. The craters have been artificially constructed by the intelligent species inhabiting Mars. Meteors do not create Polygons or flat sided craters. In fact, there are only a handful of genuine meteor craters on all of Mars. There is intelligent life on Mars. Including cities, large supplies of water, dinosaur sized creatures (mostly giant earthworms, snails, snakes, scorpions… all as big as an entire football field). There are also several types of aircraft & spacecraft, as well as ground craft such as maglev monorails & vehicles. ALL of these can be seen on official satellite images of Mars from NASA, ESA, USGS, Google Earth: Mars, MSSS, etc. They do their best to censor these items from the images by using heavy colors, dark shading, blur plates, substituted images, pixilation, etc. but they cannot catch everything & you can remove some of the damage by reducing the color intensity & using contrast tools to repair their efforts.

Mars has huge cities as well as small settlements. So why would they need artificial craters. Some are used for residing underground & the shallow, flat bottom crater acts like a courtyard, shielded from the freezing wind & protecting them from those dinosaur sized creatures. However, I recently discovered these artificial craters are also used for defense shelters & military compounds. We know they fought wars because of the etching during the 1500’s, showing the spheres & other crafts battling in the sky over Nuremburg. We also know there were 2 races of these 8-10 ft high aliens who resided on Earth. The dark, curly black haired visitors to ancient Sumeria & Egypt. Also, the fair haired, blue eyed tall visitors to Iceland & Europe. Some of them became the Greek gods: Zeus, Diana, Neptune, etc. I understand these tall Plaiedians engineered the Grays who in turn engineered us as slave laborers because Earths gravity & oxygen were too strong for them. Mostly, they needed gold ore for their electronics. The Grays reside on the moon. I’m not sure who was fighting whom. But clear evidence of military defense can be seen on the imagery of Mars.

It is also of interest to note that the Vatican created the dark ages to remove all evidence of these former EBE residents & to execute anyone who dared to mention them until all documents, structures & witness had been destroyed. Several artists took great risks to include these UFO’s in their paintings to ensure this knowledge would survive. Christopher Columbus himself was in danger of execution when he was interrogated upon his return to Spain about his UFO sighting during his journey to the Caribbean.

I have also seen many of these artificial craters with segmented worms carving them out as they ingest the soil. I’ve seen these crater worms on both Mars & the Moon. They remind me of giant ringworms. I’m not sure whether these ringworms create the craters out of natural foraging & nesting or whether the EBE’s train them to create these craters or both. Obviously, the worms do not create polygon craters but they may create the initial crater which the EBE’s shape.

One other use of the craters is for ceremonies purposes. l have also seen many Stonehenge style structures on Mars.

A genuine meteor crater is a deep bowl shape with high outer ridges created by the dirt thrown up from the impact of the meteor. For those of you who have not seen meteor crater, here is an image of what a relatively small meteor impact did in Arizona. A mile wide crater and quite deep.

This is a photo of Meteor Crater Arizona so you can compare it with the artificial craters on Mars. Notice how it is deep and curved like a bowl. How all the dirt from the crater was ejected around the outer edge of the crater by the impact. Creating a giant mound with a deep bowl shaped hole in the center. Now you can compare this genuine meteor crater in AZ with those artificial craters of Mars… and ponder the answer as to why and how they would create artificial craters… and how you looked at these crater images for years, but did not see.

E meteor crater AZ

  • Mars & our Moon are covered with these “craters” while none of the other planets or their moons in our system are heavily cratered like this. In fact, they are barely cratered at all. I just double checked the internet photos of the other planets and moons. Most planets & moons in our solar system have only a handful of genuine craters at best.

  • Most craters on Mars & the moon are shallow & flat bottomed like a cake pan

  • Many craters also have a huge rock formation in the center. Certainly not from a meteor impact. Perhaps a leftover indigestible rock from the crater ringworms.

  • The most recognizable artificial craters are polygon shaped, like stop signs.

  • Many craters have one flat side

  • There are multiple craters with flat or polygon shapes under construction

  • None of these craters were created by meteor impacts

  • Genuine Meteor impacts would excavate the bottom and create a bowl like Meteor crater AZ. The craters would also be deeper at the center point of impact.

  • Mars also has circular plateau mounds which appear to be scraped off smooth & flat on top. Like icing a cake or an upside down cake pan or plateau. What the heck creates a round plateau? We know these are plateaus because of the way the sun reflects on them, as opposed to the craters. It takes years of experience to learn how to identify sunlight & shade to discern between craters & plateaus on satellite images. Both are round. The plateau is above the ground, while the craters are below.  Also, your eyes will play tricks on you when viewing craters. One look appears like craters while another look appears like mounds. It is a natural deception. But the sun reflection confirms whether these are mounds or craters. It takes practice to learn this.

Notice how this stop sign shaped crater has been excavated around the periphery. The interior has what looks like sand dunes but looks more like solar pleating. Water has been detected there. There is no way this is a naturally shaped crater. It isn’t a crater at all. Nor did the wind create this artificial shape or unusual interior. This is clearly artificial.

This is an original unedited picture of the Richardson crater I directly copied from Google Earth Mars who obtained their imagery from USGS & ESA. I also have identical images of this “crater” from MSSS & NASA. There is no way this feature was naturally created by a meteor or any other natural process. The silver stripe is an embedded hi res image strip from another satellite.

Richardson stop sign crater

Here  is a larger view of the same image. Notice how the EBE’s are creating more pleating in the “craters” above the large stop sign shaped Richardson crater. On a tight zoom, the pleating looks like sand dunes but I believe the censors substituted imagery from the Sahara to make it appear natural. However, there is NOTHING natural about this group of craters. The pleating must have a useful purpose. Only this one group of artificial “craters” have this type of pleated centers.

0 WCR stop sign crater

Three craters below have one flat side carved out In fact, these look like mounds. On the second mound from the bottom, you can see a square entrance carved into the mound. These are actually artificial structures.

028 B CR construct crater

By using a contrast tool to lighten or darken features, you can see more detail from the previous image below. Between the 2 bottom mounds, that round object between them is a craft flying with a vapor trail behind. This is a common sighting on most of the Mars imagery. Censors use coloring to hide them. I lightened their Coloring for viewing on the image below, but you can still see it on the unedited image above. The craft appears to have flown out of the bottom mound hangar door but looks too large to fit in the door because it has flown higher and closer to the camera. So the closeness to the camera as the craft flies upward makes the craft appear larger since it is several hundred feet above the mound it departed from. Either that or the craft simply has a short vapor trail which coincidentally ended above the mound giving a false impression or origin. The trails are usually much longer. Either way, it is still a craft with a vapor trail flying above the mounds. There are thousands of these crafts which I often see flying out of various structures. Many can be seen flying toward the satellite camera. The inhabitants appear to be very alert to our satellites as if they expect an attack. It may be why so many of our Mars missions fail upon landing. Either that or NASA has been lying about these satellites, rovers, etc, failing and are using them unbeknownst to the public… at our expense. If you remember, all of their early missions failed upon landing. Most likely because they were not prepared to see a fully inhabited planet with a thriving civilization. It took NASA a while to come up with a way to censor the images before they would let us see anything.

028 B CRE2 construct crater


This next crater is being shaped into another stop sign shape. I only reduced the false color saturation

023 CR construct craters

The 2 bottom craters & the top crater & one center crater each have one side artificially cut flat.

027 CR construct crater

This image shows the space agency censors false color & false darkening they add to hide signs of life. One crater is being created as a polygon and has an excavated rectangular area on the upper left corner of the polygon.

028 CR construct crater

If you remove the coloring on the photo above and use contrast, you can see more details which have been hidden under the colors.

028 A CRE construct crater

However, upon zooming in closely to the pentagon shaped mound, I discovered lettering on top of the building. ENGLISH lettering which says 3T. It is similar to the way the Grays on the moon use hieroglyphics to distinguish between their buildings which are all round mounds to fool anyone into thinking they are craters instead of buildings. The lettering helps them to locate particular buildings. You can see the 3T which only appeared upon super enlargement of the images above. Since they are using English, these could be some of our own people who disappeared who are living on Mars with the tall EBE’s. If they were from the original slaves, they would not be using English. They would be speaking ancient Egyptian, etc. This may be one more secret the gov’t has been hiding. Abducted family members on Mars. Why not? Eisenhower allowed tens of thousands of US and Allied WWII POW’s to be taken by the Soviets and placed in Gulag work camps who were never returned and their families were told they died. Gen Patton was killed for wanting to reveal Ike’s dirty laundry about this issue. Col Philip Corso who was over the NSC (NSA) at the White House under Eisenhower for 5 years also describes in his book “The Day After Roswell” how he testified to the Senate about these POW’s in Russia and also told Bobby Kennedy as well. He also testified about Ike’s cabinet and staff being soviet sympathizers and how the Dulles brothers filled the CIA and Ike’s staff with communists. This is also in Corso’s book. Yet nothing was ever done about the POW’s or the communists. So if our gov’t can do this to our own soldiers and lie to their families and the public, what makes you think they are telling the truth about Mars?

90 WCR crater forest

Here is some type of slug. I highlighted this image to remove the
censors false shading.

01B crater worm

This is the original coloring of the same slug image

01 crater worm

Your eyes will play tricks on you. So you have to go by the sunlight reflection. The sun is shining from the east. From the upper right. The plateau or mound refection is around the outer right side because it is above the ground. Conversely, the crater sunlight reflection is on the inside of the left interior wall. The dark smudged area was created by censors trying to hide things.

mars 145 R

This is one of the few genuine Craters on Mars but they have parked several craft inside.

mars 138

These are the segmented worms which ingest soil & carve out shallow craters & tunnels. They are found on Mars & the moon. You can see the trail left behind one of the worms as it was moving across the area. I did not edit this photo except to darken the worms & objects. It came directly from google earth Mars. I also added the red arrows to point out the worms. The black or silvery stripes are embedded hi res image strips from another satellite.  The photo includes the coordinates on Google Earth mars at their south pole.

worms Mars 67

I have never heard anyone mention these crater questions before. It has scientific merit as to why these craters are flat bottomed and not in the shape of a deep bowl with a high ridge around them. And why some of these are flat topped mounds. Or Pentagon shaped.   Or an upside down cake pan shaped plateau. None of these craters have impact characteristics. In fact, with the lower gravity on the moon and mars, these craters should have much higher ridges because a lot more dirt from the impact would have ejected a lot further and higher, making a much taller crater rim.

Why do so many craters have a big object in the center of the crater? It is not the meteor because the crater would be several times larger if these huge objects were the meteor. I believe these mountain sized rocks at the center of many of these artificial craters are simply left over rocks the worms could not ingest.

This particular crater also has a second smaller crater on its outer rim. The sun is from the right causing raised objects to cast a shadow to the left.

mars 161

We also have hundreds of large craters with a second smaller crater perfectly centered on the outer rim of the larger crater. Like a wedding ring design. Incidentally, many of these shallow, flat bottomed craters are the same size and the second smaller interlinking craters on the outer rims of the larger crater are also all the same size if you compared the sets with other similar crater pairs. These are clearly artificial and many are occupied. There is no way these could all be the same size in nature. Mars has hundreds of these. Mars does have atmosphere for lifeforms who can breathe the Mars 13% oxygen instead of Earths 18-21% oxygen. Depending on whether we can trust NASA’s data on the atmospheric contents. The oxygen levels may be higher than reported. We already know NASA lied about the water, ice, frozen CO2, air pressure, plant life, creatures, etc. The mere fact the planet Mars has methane is indicative of biological life. Only plants, animals & people generate methane from waste & decay. Clearly, there are intelligent & animal life forms breathing the atmosphere on Mars.

Here are 2 identical large craters; each with a second small crater also identical in size, centered on the outer rim of the large craters. Both Identical sized pairs. What are the chances of that being natural

mars 157

I took a closer look at this double crater & removed the censor shading which was hiding a building & other structures in the center. The dark censor shading turned reddish where I lightened it.

mars 173

While most of these shallow artificial craters have a flat bottom, a few appear to have a slightly domed bottom. Convex shaped. Anyone who has baked a cake has encountered a domed top which makes it difficult to stack the layers.

These craters are something we’ve seen our entire lives on the face of the moon but we never stopped to consider most of these craters are not formed by an impact. Some of those moon craters are hundreds of miles across but have an outer ridge less than 15 ft high. Anything that big should have been thousands of feet deep.

This photo is unedited except for the addition of labels.

mars 145 R

Here are several craters on the unedited photo below. The black strip is another hi res photo strip image

mars 184

I’ve never heard anyone mention the craters or the worms before. It has nothing to do with conspiracies whatsoever. It is a science curiosity. As for speculations I began seeing several combined Craters. One large crater with a smaller crater interlinked & perfectly aligned on the outer rim. Placing a second small crater on the outer rim of a large crater on hundreds of paris like this can only have been done artificially. Certainly not from any meteor shower. There are a large number of these artificial crater pairs on Mars & no way these are aligned so perfectly from meteor impacts.

Here we see an odd hubcap type of crater with a mound in the center and a second interlinking smaller crater on the left side which also has a high object in its center. What is different about this image is this is NOT Mars and NOT our moon.

This next image is actually Calisto. One of Jupiters moons. If you enlarge it and remove some of the shading you can see  this crater is also inhabited. I had no idea they were on Jupiters moons. I always wondered why we made such a big deal out of Europa, etc. We see lots of movies where we have Earthlings living on Jupiter moons or Saturn’s moons. This makes no sense to me. Other than the gravity being similar… it is cold as hell out there and takes a lot of energy to heat up the colonies that far from the sun. Even right here on earth, it is cold as hell if we simply go to Canada. So why would we be comfortable on any planet OR MOON which is farther from the SUN? Yet, here is an artificial crater on the moon Calisto of Jupiter creating an underground habitat for the ebes. Then must be ores on Calisto which they cannot obtain on Mars, Earth or our Moon. Either that or a sentry post. It depends on how many habitats they created on Calisto.

Our moon has a highly purified form of aluminum which is not available on earth which they use in the outer shell of their crafts. Earth had a lot of gold which they used in their electrical circuits. Not to mention glass for fiber optics plus a vast supply of fresh water in the great Lakes and anything else they need. This is based on ore dust found near landing sites and the gold preferences of their labor camps like Egypt and Peru, Columbia, etc. Who knows? Our Gov’t may also be trading ores and other things with the EBE’s for technology exchange. Since the EBE symbol is a pyramid, perhaps some of those corporations with pyramids in their logo’s are participating. Read my other articles about these issues.


Here are two images side by side. The left image is  totally unedited except for cropping its size. The right picture has been edited with a contrast tool to lighten and darken areas. Notice how the center objects remind you of Sand Ships from the Martian Chronicals? Notice the shape of the bottom crater is geometric & polygon like a stop sign.

I placed the unedited original on the left side so you can clearly see I did not alter these shapes in any way. To enlarge, increase the DPI on your photo editor.

mars 187edit mars 187








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