Ebe’s on the moon

When Col Philip Corso wrote his book, he mentioned the buildings they saw on the upper right corner of the moon when the first images came back on the very first Nasa Lunar orbiter in the 60’s which caused the Army to cancel their moonbase Project Horizon. I looked at images of the moon where Corso indicated and I found a plethora of interesting objects which speak for themselves.

I have inserted satellite photos of the moon below. Each of these images is either from the original Clementine Lunar Orbiter US Navy Research Lab website or from NASA. I obtained these directly from the original sites. No third parties. I understand they may have removed some of these images since… but they never get everything. I made copies of all the photos of the entire surface of the moon and mars before they removed the areas they missed censoring.

This photo has not been edited. This is the way it appears on the US Navy’s Clementine Lunar satellite website. They blurred the structure in the image.

E lt crop Orig Copy W35

This is another Clementine photo. The rectangular mining area is not a photo mosaic. You can see this same region on every other satellite image of the area taken by different countries imaging systems. It is NOT a result of a photo collage. I did add the arrows to point out interesting details and areas the Navy blurred. The larger you view the image, the more objects you can see.

E mk crop Orig Copy section B7

This is an image of a vent on the southpole, again from Clementine satellite… but there is a much better photo of it below from nasa.

E Moon southpole facility S

Here is the vent again on a Nasa image, and a second building located at the lunar southpole. I only added the arrows and the tint. The rest is original from the original websites.

E Vents

This is a craft sitting on the lunar surface from the Clementine website. This is the original image with no editing. Note the shadows under the craft.

E saucer crop

These are interesting buildings on the moon. They are circular white with one side cut flat. There are dozens of them spread out across the moon. Each one has different hieroglyphic writing on top and are usually surrounded by various crafts. I believe they are some type of supply station… like a truck stop for ebe’s craft. The different markings are used for navigation & location designations. Like putting numbers on top.  You can see the crafts in this photo if you look closely enough but the Navy muddied them over to blend in with the ground. Look closely and you will see the shapes.

E writing section 34

Believe what you want. These are genuine. I personally copied these images from the US Navy’s clementine website and from NASA’s website. They are unedited originals except for the arrows and the tint on the one photo.

Take a look at the Rendlesham AFB hieroglyphs copied from the UFO craft by the military who responded that night… the triangle symbol with the circle in particular. The Pyramid represents the grey Ebe’s. The large circle on the bottom right is the earth, the other smaller circle is the orbiting moon. This is the ebe logo the Greys use for their earth colony base (on the moon). You will see a lot of corporations using different takes on this logo. The 4th image on the top represents humans. The 2nd image is an Egyptian hieroglyph which means “Keep guard over” or “Shepherd”. It is also a tool to open the mouth of a mummy. I included the  identification for the symbols I recognized.




Here is a DARPA logo below. Darpa is the US Army’s black project research & development division. Also the same ones who like to reverse engineer. Darpa thought it would be cute to use the EBE logo. They omitted the moon to designate the earth base location.  If you ever wondered what the “all seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid meant… it is the symbol those in the know use (such as the 33rd highest level freemasons) to depict the Ebe’s on the moon always watching us. The ebe’s are only here to do mining.  The moon contains a pure form of aluminum not found on earth which they use in constructing their craft. The moon also has a vast supply of Helium 3 and other minerals. They really don’t care about our politics unless we start contaminating their water and food supplies such as when we were doing the nuke tests and they flew over Washington DC in formation and other areas a couple times to express their disdain when they saw our gov’t building the first Hydrogen bomb in 1952.

Hence compare this Darpa logo with the Rendlesham hieroglyphics and you will begin to understand the meanings.

The ebe’s come to earth for water and supplies which is why there are so many sightings at lake Michigan and Wisconsin. They make several trips per week to obtain water from the lak which is why they are seen in the water. Lake Michigan is not an underwater base, it is a water supply for their moon colony operations… among other lakes.


Unfortunately, when the ebe craft descend and depart from the water over the great lakes, oceans and other sites… whether to fill the water tanks or obtain marine life, they often create large waves which have been known to sink ships and cause our aircraft to crash. Thus, this creates the Triangles in various locations where they frequent. Some of their ships are quite large. As large as 8 miles according to the scale on the Navy Clementine website which are used as water tankers, etc. Although they don’t use faster than light speeds except in open space, they still enter and depart the earth at rapid speeds exceeding 9000 mph and their Electromagnetic fields can cause disruption to electrical grids or earth craft and vessels, so the EBE’s use the Pacific Triangle, Bermuda Triangle and Michigan Lake triangle for their entries and departures to create the least disruptions and use slower speeds and rural areas as much as possible. These ebe crafts sometimes cause rogue waves and aerial wake disturbances which overwhelms and causes the loss of our crafts when we encounter them. Unfortunately, our selfish gov’t refuses to issue cautions to our craft about the EBE vessels frequenting these areas. Keeping their secrets is much more important to our gov’t than human lives.

You will see a lot of corporations using different takes on the ebe logo. Usually those corporations which were founded or run by 33rd level masons. This is why the freemasons tie everything to Egypt which was  the ebe main earth base for mining gold for their electronics and other things. We were developed as the laborers because they are intolerant of our strong gravity and heavy oxygen which is why their bases are on the moon and they are so frail and grayish. They are located all over the Lunar surface especially on the right side, the south pole, north pole and the far side of the moon.  The ebe’s are unemotional like the Borg. A hive mindset. So they have no interest in our activities or politics or feelings unless we interfere with their operations. They don’t want to be friends. We need to get over our self centered opinion of our importance in the universe. They could wipe us out in a minute. But as long as we leave them alone and do not contaminate or harm their water and supplies or disturb their operations, they will leave us alone. Never approach one. They do not want to be friends. There are also several different races. There is another group which resides on Mars. Just wait until you see what we’ve been hiding there.

But our corrupt elite who run the show, tend to get greedy. They will likely not leave the ebe’s alone and will try to continue to shoot them down. The USSR used to get into aerial dog fights with them and the ebe’s were quite hostile about shooting back. The US is no better with our Blue Fly teams. We even killed a regiment of Mexican soldiers to get our hands on a UFO which landed in their own country. But we make sure the leaders of most leading countries are hand picked by our elite to cooperate despite heinous actions like that. Their elections are no more honest than ours are… which are all rigged now. Unfortunately, it is the little people who will pay for irritating the ebe’s. They don’t differentiate between which of us are good or bad.

Only the top echelon of the Freemasons know the full story.  The Freemason and elite secret clubs control the governments and most of the major corporations as well. Even President Carter could not get the info about UFO’s from Bush Senior who was over the CIA at the time because Carter wasn’t a member of the elite. I would have fired Bush for that if it had been me. That was Carter’s one failing. Too decent and not strong enough. The ebe bases on the moon and their ties to the Egyptians and other mining bases they constructed across the planet such as Puma Punku, etc., is the big secret the Freemasons 33rd levels have been keeping for hundreds of years. It gives them power and greed and control by keeping the masses dumb and the economy running smoothly. Knowledge is power and control. They will also go out of their way to discredit anyone and any  info they do not want made public.



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