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Everything NASA has told the public is a lie. Mars has large cities currently teeming with intelligent life. In each image where they reside you can see dozens of crafts flying, leaving vapor trails behind them. Thousands across the entire planet. You can also see the same on the moon. This shows us there are huge thriving cities full of inhabitants on both Mars and the moon. I included one article on the moon. I plan to do a site on the moon later.

NASA removed all the natural colors and then added false heavy red and yellow coloring to hide the water and plant life. They also use yellow blur plating, pixilation, blurring and substituting images and other censoring techniques to hide details from view.

 There are huge rivers, lakes and oceans flowing with water and ships. One photo under my river article shows a huge body of water next to a melting glacier which is reflecting the clouds on the water and has several craft at the base of the glacier at the water’s edge. There are also Dinosaur sized creatures such as Giant worms, bugs, snails & scorpions the size of football fields. I included photos of them under my creatures post. Most of the craters on Mars are artificial. Most are polygon shaped and other features which no meteor or natural cause could create. You can see all of these things on the satellite images posted on this site.

I have been working on these images for 20 years to find the proof for everyone to see. All of the photos on this site, I personally downloaded from NASA, ESA, USGS, US Navy or Google Earth (Mars & Moon). All satellite photos are original from those sources without any fabrication.  In some cases I had to remove the heavy false coloring and dark shading added by the censors to hide features they do not want the public to see. In my description of each photo, I describe any changes I made and include the untouched original for comparison on some. I have all the original photos for comparison if needed.

One other thing you should know, is every person, including myself, who has gone to the trouble to share these images with the public are all either dying, already died or suffering from horrific medical problems. I find it more than coincidental that ALL of us are afflicted like this in our 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Most don’t make it to 60.

It doesn’t take much effort for the CIA to fire their satellite microwaves, x-rays, etc. at our homes. They are clearly acting without the Presidential authority required for their actions. These photos we are posting are all freely accessible to the public. We are not posting any classified imagery. So this is another issue which makes their actions so reprehensible.

So the least you can do is to make sure you share these images with as many people as possible. I can also show you how  to find these features and original images… but remember, each time we do that, the originating agency removes it from public view. Fortunately, I made copies of EVERY satellite photo each of these agencies had, so I have hundreds of thousands of photos saved because I knew they would try to remove or modify them once they realized where the feature of EBE life was revealed… like the US Navy did with the image of the blurred building on the moon.

Just in case you think we are paranoid, here is a list of people who died after coming forward with info about the EBE’s: Colonel Philip Corso, Jesse Marcel, Phil Schneider, Graham Birdsall, William Colby. Martyn Stubbs developed brain cancer but survived and Graham Birdsall died from a brain hemorrhage just months  after Stubbs was diagnosed  and shortly after Birdsall published Martyns NASA videos. Some said Martyn died while someone claiming to be Martyn responded. The same occurred with the disappearing Mars anomaly research website, Joseph Skipper disappeared, someone responded, then disappeared again. His website went up and down and all the mailboxes are full.

Bob Lazar’s reputation was utterly destroyed by gov’t hirelings such as Friedman and Shermer and CIA front groups such as MUFON. A Brazilian military officer was strangled to death just a couple weeks after MUFON interviewed him. Schneider was strangled from behind by his own oxygen tubing while totally disabled in a wheel chair for holding seminars on the EBE battle in the underground lab at Dulce, NM. Corso and Marcel both died within a year of coming forward with their info. Another personal friend is dying of ALS in Canada.

So this is no joke. They are killing everyone who shares this publicly freely accessible info. You should appreciate what we have done for you. Go back and read their books and watch their interviews. You all already have the truth available but kicked them in the teeth when they shared it. If you want to know the truth, go back and read Corso’s books and Lazars interviews.

The gov’t only sends their hirelings to attack those whom they want to shut up from telling the truth. They also like to insert their loudmouth bullies into blogs and UFO groups, etc. to create uproar and division to break it apart. If you have a blog or other site, etc., moderate all your commenters and delete the troublemakers before they can post a comment. You are under no obligation to allow these gov’t hirelings to post comments.

The gov’t never attacks their own hirelings or the crazies who claim to ride around in UFO’s… which we know to be untrue due to the dangerous EM fields in the craft which are hazardous to human health. Friedman sold out to the gov’t and became their pitbull to attack anyone who was telling the truth such as Corso or Lazar. Everything he said about them was a lie. He sold out for the EBE info he wanted to know. Shermer is another hireling. MUFON is a CIA front company to manage all the evidence and intimidate witnesses and falsify lab results and destroy proof and control the info and evidence and control the investigators as well while collecting over $5000 for the fee… then make you believe all the witnesses, hundreds of photos, videos, lab tests, evidence, etc., was inconsequential like they did in the Brazilian military officers case where he was strangled after the interview with MUFON, they were able to obtain from the Brazilian gov’t all the data their military had collected which the officer had told them about…. consisting of 1500 photos, videos, diagrams, data, medical reports, lab tests, physical evidence, witnesses, victims and doctor reports which the military had collected over 2 months at the village attacked… and the MUFON investigators had the audacity to claim there was not enough supporting evidence. This is the type of crap this phony group does. The creeps in charge of MUFON are all CIA or former CIA. This is one of the CIA front companies.

If you want to know the truth, read Philip Corso’s book “The day after Roswell” and Lazar’s video interview. My uncle worked where Lazar worked. Lazar was genuine. Both of these men’s veracity is impeccable. Corso was over the NSC (NSA) for 5 years in the white house under Eisenhower (which is why he also talks a lot about the communist agents in the CIA and white house in his book and his Senate testimony and reports to the Kennedy’s. Plus the thousands of WWII US POW’s which Eisenhower allowed the Russians to take to soviet Gulags where they were never rescued. Gen Patton was killed because he planned to go public with this to stop Ike from becoming President). Corso was also an officer in the Pentagon over the Roswell technology and he was a national security consultant to the US Senate and the Senate committee on black op funding. So read Corso’s book and watch his interviews as well as Lazars. Share these images with everyone. What you see in them is authentic. None of the photos are from 3rd party sources. They are all original.


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