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I was stunned at some of the familiar things I saw on Mars such as a cargo ship and maglev trains and giant creatures. I have a post which contains several photos of the creatures from photos from ESA and NASA, etc. The rivers are full of water and there are huge oceans. The black ops censors heavily censor these images with heavy false coloring by deleting all the natural color and then replacing it with heavy reds and yellows, yellow blur plates and dark shading, etc. That way, you won’t see the blue water and green plants growing there. Take a google earth image of Earth, remove the coloring to B&W, then recolorize the picture with red tones. You will see that it makes the rivers and oceans appear to be dry. Even the plants are obscured. This is what they have done to Mars. They can also take  topographical images such as Google Earth does of Earths ocean bottoms to make the oceans and rivers of Mars appear to be dry. But when you see ships on Martian rivers as below, there is no doubt whatsoever that they contain water. They are actually blue but the false coloring makes them appear red or muddy. These are the “canals” they saw from Earth telescopes. They are actually large rivers. But NASA and our CIA black ops have obscured them from the images. Even the NASA employees are in the dark. Most of the censoring is done by a few black ops working for Malin Space Systems MSSS before the NASA employees ever receive them. They receive the images on a cover bandwidth, then bounce back the signal with censored images on the NASA frequency. They will fight for their honor because no one likes to be made a fool. But it is time we cut off their money as long as our gov’t and NASA’s execs continue to lie to the public with this farce. I have included some of the original images on my posts so you will know these are genuine images. There has been no fabrication. You can download them yourselves from these agencies and remove the censoring if you feel the need to justify the authenticity of what you are seeing. I have no problem showing you how  to find the original images and teaching you how to undo the censor damages.

These images of Mars are genuine. I obtained them directly from NASA, MSSS, ESA, USGS and Google Earth-Mars which obtained all of their imagery from the same agencies.

This image was HEAVILY Censored with dark shading. I had to go to a lot of trouble to clean it up to see what they were hiding. I always check whenever I see their false darkening without knowing what I will find. In the upper right corner you can see what looks like one of our cargo ships on the river. I was stunned when I saw this. I have included the original, untouched photo as it appeared when I downloaded it so you can remove the dark censoring and see for yourself what was underneath. I do not fabricate anything. What you see is what was on the original. I was not able to restore all of the riverside structures.

05 WXCR Ship River

This is the untouched original of the same photo above. This original has all of the censor false colors and darkening. On the far right you can see the edge of the yellow blur plating they use to distort the features and cities, etc. These blur plate sections are very difficult to recover.

05 WXOR CR ship river

Here is more down the same river. Keep in mind that these are false colors from the censors. So you can’t see the blue waters. I could paint the river colors but those would not be genuine. I had to clean up more of the censor darkening on this section as well so it lost some of the rapids river texturing. They do not settle near the rivers because there are so many flash floods on Mars during the summer ice melts. In fact, they lost an entire city to flash floods. This particular region is very muddy looking.

05 WXER River Mars City

This is the original image of another river which Google Earth-Mars obtained from ESA. It is the untouched original. The censors added a yellow blur plate on the left side but in the center you can see the sheen of the water. On the river bend to the right, you can see the water level against the river bank. There are also a lot of structures here which have been hidden by the censors.

E canal Mars 158

This is the same image with the false colors removed and using a contrast tool to bring out features. I also added a pale color to the cargo ship in the center and added a red arrow pointing to it to make it easier to see. This is the same ship design as the other craft in the photo of another river at the beginning of this post.

E3 mk canal Mars 158

This next image is a photo of clouds reflecting off the water near a polar glacier on Mars. I removed the false censor coloring and shaded a couple structures under the glacier and behind the compass. I did not add any colors. But otherwise, this image is virtually untouched. I will include the original, untouched image below this one so you can see how they used false coloring to hide the water and cloud reflections. There are also numerous craft under the base of the glacier at the waters edge. We were fortunate that the censors did not recognize they were looking at cloud reflections. There are also quite a few other craft and structures on this glacier which I did not highlight.

E edit Mars 5

Here is the original of the photo above with the false coloring as it appears on Google Earth Mars which they obtained from ESA. Notice how the false coloring made a huge difference on your ability to recognize something as simple as water reflecting clouds. The censors do not want you to know about the clouds because that would reveal the fact that it rains on Mars and they have a very similar atmosphere.

Mars 5

This is a view of a Mars city which has been flooded and abandoned. Their other cities are thriving with activity, but this one city was devastated by a flash flood as you can see by the things washed down stream. Below this image is a larger view of the same city.

E3 zoom flood mars 196

This is a larger overview of the same city.

E4 full flood mars 196









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