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Vapor trails are proof of life on Mars. They can be seen all over the planet. The censors can’t catch them all.  Sometimes, you can see a craft at the head of a vapor trail.  This photo I downloaded from Google Earth Mars has dozens of vapor trails caused by the inhabitants flying their craft. The best ones are in the lower left corner. There are also structures. I recommend copying the photo so you can look at it larger.

I also included 2 enlargements.

The blue arrows point to vapor trails.

The green arrows point to shadows of those vapor trails which give you the sense of height.

The red arrows point at artificially stacked rows of boulders which could not possibly have been placed there naturally. There are gated gaps between the boulders for access. I think they are trying to keep something out or in. I’ve seen huge dinosaur sized creatures on the surface. I suspect that’s what they are blocking out or corralling. It may also explain why they create so many artificial craters where they live underground. The crater rim keeps out the creatures & provides a protected courtyard. Also from the wind as well as the creatures. Not everyone lives in a crater home.  They also have large cities.

You need to copy & enlarge the resolution to see better. The lower left corner is best for vapor trails & structures. Boulders are in the left center.

 Here is an enlarged lower left corner section.

 Here is an enlarged section showing the rows of boulders.





Posted March 22, 2017 by mmc7 in Aliens, EBE, Mars

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